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They Cut Our Phonelines!

On Wednesday, 14:25, a page on NewGrounds failed to load. CDN problems again? Nope. My Internet was down. DNS problems again? Telia's (our ISP) customer routers hijacked again? Nope. I was patiently waiting for the Internet to reappear when my parents tried making a phone call: the phones were down too. We have Internet via phone line VDSL.

So we told them about it. They told us they'd fix it. They told us they had fixed it later that same day. We told them that no - it wasn't fixed at all. Thursday - they told us they had fixed it again! Nope, still not fixed, phones are still down. In fact, all phones in the neighborhood are down, but so many people use mobile broadband/cellphones now that most probably don't even notice.

We do have a few neighbors that do. Neighbors with different ISPs too. I hope they're all complaining. A lot. I hope they're bombarding their ISPs with complaints and requests and hurrying them to fix the issue!

It's been three days when I'm writing this, and according to their latest report they should have it fixed by next week, Wednesday. So that'd be a full week without Internet. Of course we'll get compensation... if we request it... so we're told. Our neighbor's ISP tell them it should be resolved by Week 5, which is more than ten days from now, and they've probably been using the same wire some bulldozer's accidentally cut. There's construction work going on all over. I hope our ISP aren't overly optimistic about the time it'll take, but considering their earlier false promises and estimates I'm not too hopeful...

I've installed FlashFox on my cellphone (FireFox with Flash installed, and ads, since Adobe for some stupid reason decided to stop officially supporting Flash on Android) to at least gather my daily EXP at NG and on check my email, but that's about all I'm willing to do on that device. Surfing on a cellphone is nothing like surfing on a computer. Loading a page takes forever, and writing an email that'd take a minute or less on my stationary takes ten minutes on that tiny device. I'd plug in a keyboard if I could.

But still, I can reach the Internet, and right now I am so happy that I invested in a smartphone last year! This after stubbornly clinging to my ancient black and white Sony Ericsson T200 for years and years.

It still works fine. Was it not for my occasional lack of Internet during times like summer (2 months of intentional downtime) I never would have bought a new device in the first place. I'm surfing via a free, crappy ad-based provider who gives you 100 MB to surf for for every 30-second video ad you watch, which would be fine if only the ads you watch didn't disappear half of the times you try to view them, if the ads didn't count as part of the bandwidth use and, I'm realizing now, if the 4GB cap wasn't so incredibly easy to reach in a short amount of time. Ironically this particular provider doesn't have coverage up North anyway, apart from in big cities, so my original reason for buying this particular phone is moot. Though, to conclude, I'm happy I have it now!

Moving on, the reason Telia are taking so long to fix this issue is because they've outsourced maintenance in this area to a company called Eltel, a company with a serious staff shortage (or so they stay). The reason Telia's routers were hacked recently is because they import routers from providers who apparently use the same default passwords for all, and have incredibly simple passwords to top it off (1234, according to a somewhat reliable source). Telia were previously owned by the state, but they recently opened up for competition, and as such they now - as opposed to having provided a service without any consideration in personal gain - have as much interest in making as much money as possible as all the reasons such companies were once upon a time governed by the government rather than be commercialized and effectively bring down social standards. Intended profit is like the kryptonite of a good service.

It's not just phone companies, it's all companies, it's happening within all sectors of society here in Sweden. Vehicle Inspection. Trains. Healthcare. Elderly care. Everything's getting privatized and outsourced: nobody wants to take responsibility, nobody takes their job seriously; nobody is aspiring to do anything that might benefit someone other than themselves. Meanwhile, we're giving immigrants fresh off the boat twice as much money/month as my Mom gets in pension, without requiring they do a thing. They live in hotels. They get free calls abroad. We're taking in more fugitives than any other country in Europe (per existing population quota), even though our economy; social safety net is clearly crumbling. What is wrong with this place?! When did we start caring more about strangers than all of us who are already here? We could use some of that American patriotism right about now! Take care of existing social segregation and service issues right away, close the floodgates and drain the problems, and build up a stable society before we start bleeding out resources to the surrounding world again. The problems just keep growing, and people keep looking another way.

So, anyway, setting irrelevant political rants and talks of our hopeless future aside: now that I'm forced to resort to mobile for the most important tasks, what else do I spend my time on? How efficient have I been these past few days, free from the dire temptations to watch a video or read an article or visit a random site or write things at NG? I've been playing games. I gave Far Cry 3 a try. I gave Need For Speed: Most Wanted a try. I started playing BioShock till I got lost before the 'Dandy Dental' and would probably have kept playing if only I'd have had Internet access to check online for a quick hint. That is one great game though. The introductory scene where you're cast into a sea of flame; a tower rises out of the waves just within view... that is one mighty introduction! Then I got hooked on Oni again.

I watched the first season of Parasyte - The Maxim on my first day, along with a bunch of One Piece episodes, and if only the weather was better (ice, water, slippery surfaces every which way you glance) I'd probably have been out a bit too. Walking. Biking. Doing something other than sitting by the computer delving unnecessarily deeply into forms of entertainment I haven't had time for in a long long time, all the while impatiently waiting for my ISP to fix this issue so that I can once again partake in the online activities I so abruptly left.

It's not that I have abstinence issues, is it? If I plan ahead I can take a break from this digital realm with calm, but right now I have things to do! I was just about to post the year's first Hexalist update the day after our Internet disappeared - I have stuff to write - I was about to engage in the proposed Voting System Overhaul debate on NG, I woke up with a 'Database Connection Error' on all my database-driven sites right before Internet went down, but fortunately managed to submit a ticket and have them fix it right before this unexpected downtime.

How long am I going to be down? Downtime for my sites, downtime for me... and downtown is so far away. I'm playing games like the days are gray and rainy, when really, I should be refraining. I should get out a bit, get away from the computer, instead of sitting gaming, complaining, waiting for it all to blow over so I can go home and smolder boulders.


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  1. Doomroar
    Friday Jan/23/2015

    Man what an ugly situation, i am really thinking what i would do without internet and i would probably struggle for the first week, abusing the phone, going to internet cafes, libraries, wait nah i can just use the internet on campus... it has to be no internet at all! completely isolated, then at one point i would turn towards offline content, is hard to imagine now that you seriously think of it, a lot of other things would start to go down, work, studies, social life would go back to the 90s, but we had internet in the 90s, so the 80-70s? man what a pain.

    Lol while American spend millions and millions on keeping people outside while they actually protest against the existence of public services and government-owned business as they call their own president a socialist which as we know is a derogatory term for them.
    Here in the other hand we have Mr. Cyberdevil, who longs for an excluding foreign policy and for less private companies.

    Is like no matter what they do people will complain XD.

    Tell you all people Bioshock is a great franchise.
    The manga is better, and thank dogness they added that "The Maxim" subtitle, is the only redeeming thing i see to this shameful adaptation/alternative story, man this is story should be up there with genocyber and MD:Geist. SMH!!!

    Yep that sounds like an abstinence issue case to me, internet addiction variation, all that stuff takes place online XD.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Jan/23/2015

    Sounds like you have a few more alternative access points than I do! Would've visited the public library, but I don't trust them, I get paranoid typing passwords in public places, unable to check for keyloggers or malware... but people use public computers all the time huh, I should get out more.

    I actually didn't get real Internet access until... late 2003, I think it was. Since then I haven't let it rest though! It's become such a huge part of life it just feels unreal to consider how things would be without it, even though I'm one of few people I know who doesn't actually want to be constantly connected. I usually leave my phone at home when I go out for a walk - to be free if for a fleeting moment; others bring it with them so they can be reached. Such different philosophies.

    Yeah man, I know how it used to be over here, things used to work, people cared... I can't shake off this notion that everything'd be better if the state had more control over social services. :) The crazy thing is, while other countries attempt to build-up safety nets like ours, we're tearing ours down. Each time new parties are elected to lead the country, they start making reforms and changes and just mess things up further. Just a simple thing like how they've changed the grade system in all public schools five times the past 50 years, and are currently using the same system they used at the very beginning (A,B,C,etc). What a waste.

    lol, for a moment I was thinking there was a BioShock manga! I've gotta read that!!! Yeah, it's a great game. But, now that I'm online again there's no time left to play...

    As one who hasn't read the manga though... I like it. :/ Think I'll watch the second season in batch too when it runs out.

    But I need to prepare for stuff like this man! I have plans! Things I want to do! And so much of it's online! :O

  3. S3C
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    for f*cks sake the internet is like my fifth appendage

    viewing your site on a smartphone...looks pretty good actually. Internet works as fast as a normal PC for me,as long as I'm not opening media files or documents, except Youtube, which is already geared for mobile sites.

    Adobe sucks!! flash is rather old-hat dude...HTML5 is the new way. I dream of a digital realm in which all Adobe products cease to be.

    Privatization and outsourcing...sounds like the (modern) American way...I understand the latter...Punjabs, Middle-Easterners, and Asians are often better skilled to take on technical jobs than many Americans and expect less pay (maybe Euro-Caucasians too??)...about that immigration problem though...well I mean it's technically illegal in the U.S., but as long as you're working (immigrants usually coincides with cheap labor including jobs Americans would prefer not to do, often below minimum wage salaries, but they avoid taxes all the same) and not partaking in criminal activity Obama isn't going to deport your @ss...well I mean the U.S. stole the land from them anyway so it's the least they can do...besides Mexicans make some sick as hell food...

  4. Doomroar
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    Go out live with nature... but i am in the middle of the city there's no nature! i could climb the surrounding mountains... hell no! hahaha.

    We had dial internet but i was too young to get any use out of that.
    I use my phone mostly as a clock, alarm and calculator... yeah sometimes i forget that the thing is actually a phone XD, i am recently trying this app called AutoMath, it works half of the time, and it really depends on your calligraphy, and i make people with Parkinson look like artists...

    Is like each new administration wants to show that they are bringing change, meanwhile the rest of the world complains because each new administration is just the same as the previous one XD.
    -Man things never change!
    -Things are changing way too much!

    There are some Bioshock comics tho, but i haven't read them.

    Yeah is a good anime, probably the best anime that has come recently, but it could be so much better.

    That Hexalist update is top priority!

    Dr. S3C if you have a good PC there's no reason Adobe would give you any problems, but yeah HTML works better.

    That's mean man, not having to pay taxes (because who knows where they are living while hiding) is not that much of a counter measure to a badly paid job that no one wants to do anyways, but i agree they usually have a good hand for cooking.
    As for the land being stolen, not being deported doesn't sounds like that much of a solution or redemption, but seeing how things are going down on mexico, maybe not being send back isn't that bad.
    This makes me think, what if an Afro-Mexican woman that just happens to be a lesbian, sneaks into the US? i don't think much would change for her, her circumstances already make for a shitty life regardless of where she goes to, but now she is an immigrant.

  5. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    Hmm I feel like taking one second here to remind the world third parties are able to circumvent the fourth amendment, and that's why they shouldn't rely on social communities like FB to keep private info private! Unnecessary number game end.

    @S3C you're one of those that's always connected? Wonder how fast regular Internet you have? How fast a phone do you have?! About the site, been planning on making it fully customized for cellphones, less image resources etc, still haven't gotten far yet, but at least no dropdowns or other scripts that won't work with touchscreen...

    I have highly emotional; nostalgic ties to Flash. I love it. I just hate the fact that Adobe own it... if only Macromedia were still here the world would be so different!

    Well for this particular company the outsourcing's all within the country, to a company that lacks the necessary staff to fix a severed phoneline in less than three weeks time... that's a problem that shouldn't be. Of course a lot of companies outsource their support, etc to remote Asian locations, packaging, printing, etcetc. I suppose most of it works fine, it's only when outsourcing goes wrong that you notice it. And some are stupid enough to outsource their servers; store sensitive company data in the cloud... not sure that's such a good idea!

    Anyway, as for immigration, sounds like it works way better in the US. No cheap labor required to keep people here, no matter who's doing the work the taxes go to providing for those who don't. Seems it's well-known in other countries you don't need to do a thing in Sweden, even back in the 70s my parents spoke with some family in Tunisia, I think it was, who wanted help getting here. My dad asked them what they'd do here, and the man of the house was surprised. "Do? You don't need to do anything in Sweden! They give you money anyway."

    This can't go on. :/

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    Hey mountain climbing sounds like fun! :D

    I started with dial-up, though I can't remember what I used it for, I remember download some pictures but no idea where I went or what pictures they were... browsing the net wasn't as useful back then, though! What a waiting game it was.

    Oooh AutoMath looks useful! Especially if you actually do Math. :P I rarely use my cellphone for any numerical tasks short of typing in numbers, but more and more as a clock. Still have a separate alarm clock though.

    Haha yeah, the paradox of progress! XD


    I hear ya.

    Next update'll be the 15th! Assuming I have real Internet by then. Need stable Internet to scan the users, and faster, with 4x cellphone speed it still takes 1-2 hours.

    Mmm, we do have a lot more Pizzerias here lately! :D Afro-Mexican woman that just happens to be a lesbian? Would it be any different if she was simply Afro, Mexican or Lesbian, or a He?

  7. Doomroar
    Monday Jan/26/2015

    Mountain climbing is a pain.

    Yeah you were better off playing Nintendo or watching TV, everything took forever to load anyways and i didn't had nothing to search for anyway, i discovered NG years later on a Systems Class we were bored from the Cartoonnetwork's games so we decided to dig a little and pow, the forbidden fruit appeared all orange and grey, and in English... that was around 2004 or 3.

    I use my old phone as a stationary clock XD.

    If she is just Afro american, then she is not an immigrants.
    If she is just Mexican then she is dark-skinned enough and is less subjected to first impression bias, bun once she opens her mouth she will fall back on the same place of the blacks.
    If she is actually male, then he doesn't has to suffer from sexism.
    If she is not gay, then she doesn't has to suffer from sexism against gays.
    Since she is an illegal immigrant we know that she is poor so that is another points against her.

    So yeah it would be different if she wasn't all that at the same time, however it wont be any kind of astounding enhancement.

  8. Cyber
    Monday Jan/26/2015

    As much as it pains me to say (and do)... I like climbing mountains!

    Soo you've been around too! No account back then? I discovered NG around the same time I discovered the joys of superflous surfing, browsing around, wasting time; eventually finding purpose in ranks to climb and banks to mine! Finally surpassing dial-up; able to venture out on the WWW. A brave new world. Thank NG for all my low grades past class 9.

    A REAL phone or a cellphone? I got an alarm clock with a luminous blue glow for Christmas in 2001 I think, still glowing superbly!

    Makes sense. Though as for the lesbian part, if she's not openly lesbian I'd think she would be able to deal with sexism better than the average Afro-Mexican woman.

  9. S3C
    Wednesday Jan/28/2015

    They cut our pipelines!! Hence the American war on oil

  10. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/28/2015

    Not sure if that's a play on title or response to previous comment hmm? I remember when people used to line their pipes...

  11. Doomroar
    Thursday Jan/29/2015

    Well good for you.

    Yeah but i was not a regular user, i visited just when we had class 2 times a week, then we got a wave of proper games Age of Empire, Zootycon, Warcraft, and NG fell down to a low priority as far as entertainment goes, then around 2008 i finally made an account, but then WoW happened, and boy that was one hell of an addiction.

    My old cellphone that is not a smartphone, nowadays is just an alarm/clock.

    Yeah but if they find out she wont be able to access to certain works on certain private companies, plus recently i don't remember which state made it legal to deny the access to gays to certain establishments, which is bullshit for 2014-15

    It is about time we all move onto non oil dependent energy.

  12. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/29/2015

    Thank you man!!

    Games at school? I remember playing Liero every chance I had (free download on if you're interested)... or this game:

    And Motherload, and Worms World Party back in 7th grade and onward, on GBA when it was no longer available via PC, and then Mario Kart and Advance Wars, and Liero X and eh... that's it I think. Good times!

    So happy I never opened up my free 30 day WoW trial...

    Good use. :D Do you have a stand for it and everything?'s like that huh...

    Indeed, solar power ftw!

  13. S3C
    Friday Jan/30/2015

    They cut our adrena-lines! Hence the American war on energy drinks

  14. Cyber
    Friday Jan/30/2015

    They cut our deadlines! Thus procrastination.

  15. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/1/2015

    Yeah if you finished the assigned work early you could spend the rest of your time browsing.

    Yeah but i was more focused on games that had LAN.

    That game is a drug, the addiction, the farming, the grinding, the failed BGs, the failed dungeons, the failed raids, the failed dungeon raids, and then that all over again but with a certain degree of success, the wasting time on guild chat, the wasting time on all chat, defending Ogrimar, exploring the world, having a new patch erase your map progress and having to explore the world again, aaah good times, the WoTLK came and people decided to quit.

    It is just a phone.

    Is like they don't advance.


  16. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/1/2015

    An incentive for efficient learning good as any. :)

    Ah, I remember playing GTA via LAN too, on rare occasions in computer class. We didn't have individual computers in any other classes back then.

    So I've heard; so I've avoided. :) Though I started with NG so I guess things really aren't that different...

    So you have to tilt it to see the numerals on the screen?! :O


    Yeah! :D

  17. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/2/2015

    An incentive to rush your work XD.

    I never played GTA on PC before i started my "WoW career" as an Orc Shaman, For the Horde!!!! i only got yo play GTA on PS2 at a friends house.

    Yeah NG has its own kind of grinding, i am taking it easy, specially after the incident with the scouting, i really don't care anymore, i let the months pass, and by now i am like "meh it is not worth the trouble".

    I press a button the screen lights up and it shows the time, i like the alarm of that phone because it is more loud, the one from my current phone barely gets any effect out of me.

    I know that Dr S3C will probably never see this link but i will post it here anyways, talking about immigrants and taxes (in the US):

    The biggest problem is that since it is a link to Tumblr expect a lot of rage (a lot of rage) amid the information hahaha.

  18. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/3/2015

    Gotta get prepared for the modern working world that lies ahead! :) Where everybody takes all given opportunity to surf, chat; play games in their cozy office cubicles! :D

    Wooooyeaah!! Couldn't have been the original GTA though could it?? Repackaged and ported and maybe upgraded for a newer console?? GTA 1/2 came out for the PSX, right after the PC if I have my knows right. I've followed the franchise since then, and it just keeps improving. but still... them days...

    Mmm, I got that kinda melancholy 'Meh' mood after that one time my account was hacked, and so much stuff deleted, just didn't feel worth it anymore... got back into the grind with time! And never let down on EXP you see, cause the Cyber D still breaths and sleeves defeat as if life's a breeze - an easy street - a streak of 1337. The B and P. Each new day with deeds to greet. Peace to keep. Deep in the web of deceit and greed. I feel I'm freed. For every lasting at last NGd.

    Just like a regular alarm clock! Nice. :) I've never tried a cellphone alarm myself. The Nintendo DS has an alarm clock built in too, been tempted to try that, but whenever I really need to wake up I stick the tactics that (I know) work after all...

    Heh, lotsa rage indeed! We should take after the US though. A little limitation. A little demand. A little less of more, a world with lesser war, a world with peace and better stores where people don't flee their seas to settle wherever the storm doesn't weather shores on this tethered orb!

  19. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/3/2015

    If they get to finish early then may as well go home, most jobs nowadays don't pay for extra hours.

    The top down GTA for Sega? nope, i only got to play that one just one time, and all my other experience were with it on PS2 and Game Boy.

    What you avoided on WoW you are spending it on NG haha.

    Go to sleep early wake up early, and drink lots of water? what are the ancient tactics oh master of alarm-less wake-upness?

    But the US lives on war, they start a new one with new country every 3 years on average... also they are still illegal immigrants that they pay taxes doesn't changes that.

  20. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/4/2015

    That's true. Seems like people spend a lot of their work time surfing though. Tasks that can be postponed for less new task potential? Tasks that are finished quickly and can be handed in a little later as to not allow a steady stream of tasks all through the day? Set times for tasks that allow for other hobby enterprise between them? Haven't worked in a larger office milieu myself yet, so who knows... they do! The people with the great view!

    Ah didn't know it was out for SEGA too! Nice. Haven't tried that version at all, wonder if it was any different from the others... GBA was a simplified port though, if I recall... if you didn't play the GBA exclusive one, the one with a new story and everything! I haven't been able to find any of those games myself, just tried the ROMs so far.

    Yupp. :) Yet most of the grinding I do on NG affects other people, gives them scores, feedback, motivation, etc... unlike that aimless incredibly addicting MMO style grind. ;)

    Haha, I mean I stick to my regular alarm clock, with an alarm I know wakes me up. XD I do drink lots of water though, least a glass or two right before bedtime, strange how that became a habit. Go to sleep early huh... I wish I did!

    Mmm yeah, take after the good things: not the other things! We have illegal immigrants too, seems like a problem all over.

  21. Doomroar
    Thursday Feb/5/2015

    That's called procrastination while at work.

    There was more than one GTA for GBA? I only know this one

    Haha you never played WoW or experienced a BG, invaded a capital or were on a guild, so it would be a waste to explain why calling wow aimless is wrong.

    Ah so nothing special, i wanted some Dr S3C kind of secrets of the world.

  22. Cyber
    Thursday Feb/5/2015

    Yupp yupp, it's a big thing nowadays. :)

    Ahh, GTA 1 and 2 were ported to the GBC apparently! That's the only one for GBA then, and the one I haven't played...

    Aimless as in = unproductive; without real-world benefit. ;) But of course, if you get a sense of euphoria out of it! Inspiration! Motivation! Happiness! It's not time wasted at all!

    Some Dr S3C kind of secrets of the world would be intriguing! O_O

  23. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/7/2015


    I see.

    Because NG is so productive...

    He writes about his recipes and health secrets every now and then.

  24. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/7/2015

    Well you know: good feedback, real artists, and stuff? Though now that you mention it, real-world benefit may not apply there either... we're all captives in the digital realm nowadays, even the artists. Most of them.

    Ah yes, the recipes to greater vigor and eternal youth! Here's a random health secret: if you avoid carbohydrates, the body will eventually start processing fat as sugar, and even proteins can be used as energy.

  25. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/8/2015

    And here's the elephant in the room, regardless of all this being enclosed in the digital realm, in the end of the day it is just entertainment, with the only value of distracting people, at best some of the media will inspiring and at that moment be able to be called art, and wishfully thinking some of that minority of inspiring media may educate, and educate in fields that are not limited to the arts, but to see the small field of edutainment (specially that of NG) to stray itself from what an art student knows and is interested in, is actually even rarer, but every now and then it happens, so with this in mind, are we actually motivating more of this kind of media? i say no, of course for other persons the place could be more meaningful and important to the world, but not for me i talked about this with Dr S3C here: he is quite the optimistic man, is good to have people like that, but as i see it NG is for now just a place to go and have some fun and that's it.

    And this implies another problem, there are other sites that offer the same kind of fun, some times with the same content as NG and by the same people, but demand less involvement from the users, and also have more influence in the world, and that is the reality that NG has to deal with.

    Bu-but... but! carbohydrates ARE sugar!and fat is also sugar, and proteins are also a form of sugar XD. that just read like this to me:
    If you avoid sugars, the body will eventually start processing stored sugar as sugar, and even sugar can be used as energy.

  26. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/8/2015

    Only value? I'm sure there's more use to entertainment than that. Most entertainment has a certain amount of edutainment embedded in it, even if it's not all traditional learning; the kind you could apply to real-life situation. Like, when I watch an animation I learn a lot about what techniques people use to make that animation. I get an additional sense of purposeful entertainment from analyzing the styles and considering potential influences, and analyzing the techniques, trying to figure out if they use layers, tweens, FBF, etc. As a hobby animator myself stuff like that's fascinating, and I'm interested in scripts, how they convey their jokes, what transitions can be used to maintain the continuous red line through the story, how to best angle a pun, etc. I wouldn't be able to sum up everything I've learned from animations I watch, but in the end it all results in a great deal of second-hand experience and insight in the craft. But, my point on meaningful activity wasn't about the entertainment value per say, but rather about the feedback I like to provide in response to said entertainment, and how that hopefully helps the artists; inspires them; spurs them to make more. The written exchanges of insight and knowledge apply to all sectors of the site, from submissions to regular comments; conversations on the BBS.

    Yeah, other sites don't focus quite so much on the exchange between artists and viewers as NG does, that's one of the things I love about the place! And then of course there are also those more superficial stat-based (game-like) addictions that serve little benefit apart from maybe providing a short-time sense of achievement. I like those too.

    lol, well carbohydrates are carbohydrates, and fat's fat. The body can turn them to sugar at need, but doesn't necessarily do so as soon as you consume them. If you maintain a (too) high-carbohydrate diet the body won't process potential fat since carbohydrates are much easier to convert. And fat takes precedence over proteins too.

  27. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/9/2015

    Sure you can use entertainment and absorb what it shows so can now go and make... oh look at that, more entertainment.
    Like i was saying:
    "and educate in fields that are not limited to the arts, but to see the small field of edutainment (specially that of NG) to stray itself from what an art student knows and is interested in, is actually even rarer,"
    Not only inst what you say here proper edutainment, because its main goal is not to educate, is just something that you notice be being interested on animation, and in the end it is still limited to the realms of the arts, it generates a positive feed back loop (positive feedback means that it feeds itself) but doesn't affects other areas outside itself.

    You can leave comments and send messages in all those sites too, the problem would be that the number of comments a content creator in other site receives compared to NG, is too much for them to read, even if they say that they do.

    Is all sugar man, is the same thing you just store some for later once your body has fulfilled its quota, what do you think fat and protein are made of?

  28. Cyber
    Monday Feb/9/2015

    Haha, point taken. XD Well, I consider edutaiment to be entertainment that educates, main purpose or no. Just like entertainment doesn't necessarily have to be something made to entertain: it can be a squabble between two strangers, or watching a duckling waddle across a road. Mmm I get what you're saying.

    True, but in addition most responses on other sites aren't very useful. There's little focus on feedback/review elsewhere, more general 'response'. On YT people often start discussions that aren't even relevant to the submission itself, it's just a stream of impression-based debate. Not very useful to the evolution of the craft, if that is a goal. Though on the other hand, maybe such conversation does have more real-world benefit.

    I don't know exactly what fat or protein are made of, but I'm pretty sure it's not sugar. Neither are carbohydrates. And protein, in difference from carbohydrates (and in second priority: fat), isn't always transformed to sugar either. I don't know the details, but for one: it's used to build muscle mass, right? And fat is used for insulation if you have a reserve, usually with unhealthy consequence. Energy can be derived from most foods, but it's not just all sugar!

  29. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/10/2015

    "Didn't you know Billy? Anything can be edutainment if you wish hard enough!"
    "Now enjoy that pet-rock."

    Meh, between accurate feed back and a bunch of people comments, it then boils down to how useful that feedback really is, and then there are those artist that think they are doing fine as they are.

    Ok let me put it this way, what do you think sugar is made out of then?
    Now with that in mind, what would sugar, fat, and protein then be made out, and why are they different?
    This one hurts me a little, but i will ask anyway, is protein really used only as an energy source?
    And finally, do you know where that energy that our cells use come from, and what the process behind is? if the answers is yes, then why is that not sugar?

  30. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/10/2015

    Who knows, it might even be an igneous, metamorphic, or even older sedimentary rocks contain enough monazite to produce a monazite-bearing placer! :O

    Yeah, always those who just can't take criticism, but judging by responses they're few and far between! I get fueled by appreciation.

    Ah, reading up on it, seems sugar is a carbohydrate too... confusing. I can't find any solid comparison between the three, but from the tidbits I do find it does seem there's a difference:

    Eh no, protein's more than an energy source... right? Isn't that what I've been trying to say here? :/ I'm just skimming the topic of how our cells fetch their energy, but here's what I'm reading: proteins turn into amino acids, polysaccharides into sugars, and fats into fatty acids and glycerol. That's not all sugar is it?

    But, moving away from our cells, and how all we eat is ultimately transformed: a diet rich in carbohydrates isn't healthy. Fat's better. Protein's even better. That's really all I'm trying to say here.

  31. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/10/2015

    Pet rocks are not made out of rare earths, just regular rocks.

    So that leaves artist that can take criticism with commentators that can make a useful review VS a flood of comments and the set that makes artist regardless of them being able to take criticism or not.

    Yeah in that particular study about insulin, obviously some sugars are easier to process than others.

    It is, it is all sugar, sugar is just a type of molecule.

    "But, moving away from our cells, and how all we eat is ultimately transformed"
    Then he immediately says:
    "a diet rich in carbohydrates isn’t healthy. Fat’s better. Protein’s even better."
    You are still talking about our cells, and how all we eat is ultimately transformed... and like i was saying, Fats AND protein are carbohydrates, literally they are molecules made out of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen Also Known As sugar.

  32. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/11/2015

    How can you be so sure? It's might even by a Numetal! :O

    Mmm, but you need to be able to take criticism to evolve!

    Alright, so it's all sugar on the molecular level then (I thought amino acids, sugars, fatty acids and glycerol were on that level though)? On the digestive level, I hold true that different ingredients have a different effect on our body. You can't be saying that it doesn't matter if we eat only carbohydrates, fats or proteins, or if we have a fiber-rich diet or not, or that vitamins and minerals have no effect on our body?

  33. Doomroar
    Thursday Feb/12/2015

    If it is a new metal then it wont be sold as a mere pet rock, but to a geological institute museums or university.

    Not really as long as you can get a big fanbase you could become the next egofaptor, then migrate into lets-plays.

    Yes they are on that level, and they are sugars.
    On the digestive level? we are at the same level the molecular level, and you are not totally wrong not all sugars are the same, however here's were you are horribly wrong, fats and proteins are not the top priority as source of energy, that role is for carbohydrates (before turning into fats and protein, which are specialized carbohydrates, fats are the stored form, and protein the specialized form, to fulfill various roles in a body, and by various i mean all the roles), and you should not put them in a hierarchy in which you stop consuming one for the other, or you will end going through starvation and experiencing first hand the consumption of your own fat and then entering autophagy eating your own cells in order to obtain protein, which is sugar which is our source of energy.

  34. S3C
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    @Doomroar- Um I'm Nortaku...(Nordic + Otaku = Nortaku, one obsessed with Nordic cultures)hence I read all comments on this Nordic blog (eventually).

    I read the link- yeah immigrants have to pay sales taxes obviously but they don't pay any federal taxes (which is what I was referring to) and the like, the money that goes into public education, emergency services, law enforcement and military, libraries, roads and civil services, hospitalization, etc. Illegal immigrants get all those services (excluding public education, perhaps) without the money getting docked out of their salaries. Although, like I said, they are underpaid (although they probably would be making more than they would in their home countries) and as long as they provide the country with some type of service it's more or less fair in the end.

    LOL! Yeah, secrets on recipes (mostly salads, trying to expand to pizzas and burritos currently), public health (duh), biological sciences, music (mostly jazz and hip-hop), basketball, sexuality (to a certain degree), and most importantly: proper education and public dissent. It all starts with discovering your field, your purpose, your chord factor in life, then the larger purpose behind the field, then the world, the universe, and lastly yourself. What I'm saying is, you only know who you truly are until you know what the universe is in it's entirety.

    lol no, fats aren't sugar. They are lipids. The body can metabolize lipids as sugar for energy purposes mainly when glucose and stored glucose (glycogen) is depleted.

    Sugar is a carbohydrate. But in a dietary context carbohydrate generally refers to starch (which is just a bunch of sugar molecules linked together) and sugar entails simple sugar molecules (one or sugar molecules linked together) such as fructose (fruit sugars) and sucrose (table sugar).

    Sugar/carbohydrates, fat, and proteins are vastly chemically different, and so they really aren't all the same.

    Sugar interacts with water and cells well, hence why it's broken down easily for energy. Fat does not interact with water well, and it's good for storage/insulation. Proteins can be broken down for energy as a last resort- usually with negative consequences such as muscles atrophying. Proteins may or may not interact with water but they are massively larger and more complex than sugars and fats.

    Proteins aren't really used directly for energy, but for transporting molecules, as chemical messengers/hormones, speeding up biochemical reactions, to serve as membranes/structural roles, defense, stress resistance, storage, regulation of bodily substances, I'm probably forgetting others...proteins are one of the deepest biological subjects. There are fields and degrees dedicated to research this single group of biomolecules.

    And if we want to talk about biochemical structures, to know on a molecular level why these nutrients are different, sugars have carbon backbones with several hydroxy groups giving them polarity (they have more Oxygen molecules, so they react with water) and they are generally if not always cyclic. Fats are generally not cyclic, and are primarily long stretches of hydrocarbons, with few to none hydroxy groups and therefore are not hydrophilic. Proteins are comprised of amino acids, which can be either primarily hydrocarbons or more like sugar molecules; they have variable structures. This is just scratching the surface, and I'm not even talking about hybrids or the third-dimensional structure (which is very important! as we know misfolded proteins are useless if not harmful, although I'm reading current research about how misfolded proteins could potentially provide beneficial, new functions)

    Doomroar's right I think: carbohydrates are mainly used for energy, but fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals/electrolytes, fiber (also a sugar! just not a digestible one, hence why they are good for making solid, connected bowel movements!) are all necessary for dietary intake and overall bodily function. What are the appropriate amounts though? I don't know, I'm not a f*cking nutritionist lmao

  35. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    Are you back from orbit Dr S3C?

    Interesting that they get access to all those services without documentation, always find it odd.

    Any secrets on how to wake up early?

    Thanks Dr S3C as always a very insightful intervention, with this why should all be on the same page.

    We also had a discussion on homeopathy, i am against it, as so far i only see it as a sugar pill placebo without any proven effects that show that it goes beyond that, but Mr CyberD is in favor of it as an actually working form of medicine, any thoughts on this? having a 3rd party always helps.

  36. S3C
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    You remembered...

    How would illegal immigrants not get access to these services though? The government doesn't check for identification regarding who is driving on the roads, in the libraries, at public parks; ambulances, police officers, and firefighters don't ask for documentation before they help you in an urgent crisis, and by law hospitals are not allowed to refuse medical emergencies.

    Beats me I've never been an early bird. Keep your blinds open and let the morning sunshine enter your room. Perhaps find out your circadian rhythm- I feel an easier time waking up if I sleep in intervals of 2 hours (e.g. I feel better rested if I wake up with 6 or 8 hours of sleep than 7 or 9). When adjusting your sleep schedule it requires some temporary sleep deprivation in which you wake up early but don't take naps during the day, so you will feel tired at the appropriate time, effectively getting to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier and still get sufficient rest.

    Homeopathy is more like psychopathy...For what conditions does Cybedevil consider homeopathic treatments as being efficacious?? Alternative medicines are best used as auxiliary therapies outside of the major more proven conventional treatments, but definitely not as an overall replacement for a potentially serious illness. But homeopathies, I do not see any merit behind these practices, and have never really put any thought into that line of 'medicine'. Take cancer for example. Cigarettes interfere with DNA synthesis leading to mutations, should a doctor prescribe radioactive chemicals that also damage the DNA? Should they prescribe harmful radiation that breaks the DNA? The answer is yes- these drugs are designed to kill specific dysplastic or cancerous cells (at the cost of damaging healthy cells too, unfortunately) but NOT for the homeopathic premise that "likes cures like". Both cancer and cancer treatment f*ck up cells big time, m'kay?? Successful homeopathic treatment is anecdotal, and may therefore be coincidental like in the cancer example, due to the placebo effect as you mention, natural recovery over time, not to mention that symptoms of diseases are often oscillatory in nature (they come and go- homeopathic measures may falsely appear to have temporarily eliminated the disease)

    I do believe many (if not all) homeopathic treatments are diluted to a point where the substances would neither be harmful nor have the potential to be beneficial. That is kind of the same concepts of creating vaccines, there needs to be a virus that is attenuated to the point where the virus is too weak to damage the body, but strong enough for the body to detect and create antibodies to protect against the prospective more potent, pathogenic strains of the virus.However that is prophylaxis treatment, but nonetheless is a tangential, unconventional idea I can get behind. I would like to see more reasoning as applied to those already afflicted with a certain disease. There are actual scholary published homeopathic journals too that probably delve into detail on similar lines of thought.

  37. Cyber
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    They sell pet rocks?! I thought those were ones you picked up! Making a profit off of even the simplest of hobbies...

    Yeah but is he evolving.

    Well carbohydrates is faster energy, but the body can adapt to what you feed it, so if you gradually replace carbohydrates with fat and protein you'll just lose weight, not necessarily go into autophagy. Though... maybe not entirely true, as you'd still be getting a small portion of carbohydrates from all types of natural ingredients you consume, just not in the same amount as today. In the days of old we barely had carbohydrates at all, it's a product of the new world: the artificial food we eat today. Bread, pasta, pizza, etc. Not good goodies.

    @SC3 I'm sure you must've missed a few. :P Actually recently got a comment on a five year old post, an ancient question finally answered, incredible revelations... surprised someone somehow stumbled upon it!

    Mmm, those secret recipes! Basketball is pretty much the only uncommon interest. And maybe jazz. Though there are exceptions, like:

    Indeed, though I do hope I find my true purpose without first needing to aquire full knowlege of the universal truth.

    Glad we finally get some closure on that sugar issue! :D A lot of scientific terminology to remember there...

    As for waking up early btw, I don't think leaving blinds open would be the optimal solution, we need the darkness to trigger melatonin production and get quality sleep. Up North were we have light all night it's impossible to sleep well if you don't have blinds, but then again some people do seem to adapt... would be awesome with blinds that automatically open at dawn, though, natural light's the best way to wake up! Been contemplating buying one of those alarm clocks with built-in lamps to emulate the effect of sunshine, slowly increasing in intensity at whatever time you specify you wish to wake. Good advice on routines. And if you have really bad sleeping habits, you can always go to sleep later and later until you make it through the day and back to a reasonable time again! :D

    Psychopathy? Maybe you mean psychology? Yeah I figured you'd have a similarly scientific approach to this topic... more on my Homeopathic views here:

    Basically, I can't prove it works, but I believe it does, and I don't believe it's placebo because I don't believe I believed in it when I first tried it. It cured my fur allergy, amongst other things. I use it now to occasionally battle a cold I really don't have time for (resting is still the best cure when possible) or an allergic reaction/rash/etc. I believe it's a form of medicine best proven through use, though if you don't have an open-mind I suppose it might have no effect. After all, placebo doesn't necessarily imply a positive experience: you can render something useless if you don't believe in it, or make something completely harmless a real danger. People have died from placebo effects too, overdosing on 'sugar pills' (nothing Homeopathic there), etc. I suppose this is why certain scientists may be dissuaded even by practical experience. They're really not the best test subjects in that regard. But anyway, though I can't prove either that it does or doesn't work, it'd be great if people would see it more as a mystery than a myth. IOW, not: "we need to prove that it doesn't work", but rather: "we need to find out how it might".

    Ahh, nice simile to the process behind vaccines! To me that sounds almost like... evidence!

    As for cancer, again with the topic on sugar, I believe a diet free of carbohydrates (in the dietary contest FYI) would promote self-healing much better, as all types of infections feed off such sugar. Bad hospital food here in Sweden (ice cream aaaargh!) is definitely not helping people get better. Relevant reading:

  38. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    I mean it for schools and libraries, and some hospitals too.

    I see, so go down early wake up early.
    I would love to get a consistent rhythm but my schedule is a mess, sometimes i have class at night, other days it is early in the morning, and this particular time i have nothing to do Wednesdays morning and afternoon but i have class pass 5 all the way to 9, just o start class the next day at 6... and it is not really that bad but i waste so much time just in transportation, so as you can see if i let the sunshine wake me up, it will be too late for me.

    Yeah we didn't mentioned any particular scenario in which homeopathy would work, but what i was saying was that they don't work beyond the effects of a placebo (which can be interpreted as: they work within the limits of the symbolic realm of belief, so yeah it depends on a psychological effect.)

    Yeah... they sell pet rocks, people will buy anything it seems.

    The channel is growing indeed, but he no longer animates anything, and the charm actually resides on the other members of Game Grumps.

    But... that is the whole point of a placebo it works as long as you believe that it works, but it doesn't has an effect beyond that, as an opposite example an adrenaline injection will work on you even if you don't believe that it works, so my point is that it doesn't works beyond symbology, meaning that it works, but just as a placebo, and the problem is that the power of the mind is limited. (Btw the opposite of a placebo would be a nocebo.)

  39. S3C
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    I read the Dr. Sircus link, interesting stuff!! Although he's not a real medical doctor btw (MD-PHD)not to say that makes his opinions any less valid, but when you start selling and promoting your own product on the same website I become extra skeptical that the information provided is too one sided.

    "Cancer—always believed to be caused by genetic cell mutations—can in reality be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi"

    Cancer to my knowledge IS always caused by genetic cell mutations. It's not just carcinogens and nasty chemicals that can cause DNA to mutate and grow uncontrollably, but microbes are capable of doing this directly as well- for example HPV viruses causing cervical cancer (and a correlation with throat cancer in males who perform oral sex on females).

    "Fungi (e.g.Aspergillus fumigatus) are not affected by antibiotics and neither are viruses."

    Antibiotics don't affect viruses, considering viruses are not biotic (alive) to begin with!

    However, antibiotic can be used as a general term as a
    substance that fights off infections (the more appropriate term here would be antimicrobial), but generally antibiotic entails an agent that fights off bacterial infection.

    "A medical textbook used to educate Johns Hopkins medical students in 1957, Clinical and Immunologic Aspects of Fungous Diseases, declared that many fungal conditions look exactly like cancer!"

    What an egregious statement coming from a doctor. Cancer cells share similarities with fungal cells sure, but they certainly do not have a cell wall (animal cells do not have cell walls!! and no they cannot mutate to make cell walls!! that's some sci-fi sh*t right there). If that was the case, cancer would be immensely easier to target. If a tumor has cell walls, it's fungus or bacteria, not cancer.

  40. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/14/2015

    Sounds a lot like the issue of winter over here. :P It's dark all day. Feels like you never really wake up if you don't get that morning dose of sunshine!

    Crazy. (that pet rock thing)

    Ah, nocebo. Good knowing. I've no experience with adrenaline injections, but that sounds like a pretty forceful effect. Homeopathic remedies by nature don't have a perceptible effect outside of helping the body. It'd be better compared to something like a carbon filter to clean water, or maybe a cast to heal your leg. It's probably working fine, but you usually won't notice the difference right away.

    @S3C Considering how large the healthcare industry is, I easily get skeptical of traditional doctors. ;) Not saying this guy is all right either!

    Hmm, so to sum it up: infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi might commonly be falsely diagnosed as cancer?

  41. Doomroar
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    Well sunshine rises up around 5, but i need to wake up before that.


    Well that example was for an extreme case in which something works regardless of your psychological position on the subject.
    But you can notice a carbon filter working and measure it, it is a filter after all, the cast is a better example because the thing doesn't does the healing it is just there to immobilize thus its role is that of offering support, so if i understand this, Homeopathic remedies are like a cast? they don't do the healing themselves but they just help the body heal itself? the question then remains, they do this, but they do it because they are a placebo, or because they have an active component that has an effect regardless of you believing on it or not?

    There you go cancer cells are really hybrid cells, half fungal half human cells, get your anti-fungal med, which are not antibiotics for some reason, and get cured from cancer!
    What? the guy was crazy? shit...

  42. S3C
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    Traditional or alternative medicine, my point was to be skeptical of the information provided in articles on the same site that is trying to sell you a product. Both sides of the medical field are guilty of providing information that is too one-sided to support their cause, otherwise consumer interest would wane.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Using baking soda sparingly and oxygenating cells is a fairly common alternative or additional practice for treating cancer. The problem is, cancer is very complex, and has the potential to be very dangerous, so it's safest to use the more brute methods e.g. surgical removal of the malignant mass and perhaps following up with powerful but poisonous chemotherapy to eliminate any rogue cancer cells within the body.

    RE: Cellular Confusion Calamity
    No!! A simple biopsy or biochemical test and CT scan of the tumor to reveal if it has a cell wall would determine if it is a cancer cell or fungus. Animals don't have cell walls! Just plants, bacteria, fungi and prokaryotes (bacteria and the forgotten archae domain- the latter which no documented pathogenic strains) I repeat: cancer is not fungi!! It's not a hybrid of animal and fungi cells either!! Cancer cells have some similarities in optimal growth conditions, metabolism, and thus logical treatment ideas are drawn from fungal studies.

    Viral masses don't exist, now that I think of it bacterial masses are probably too microscopic to create a mass of significant size. I certainly have never heard of such growing in a human body. Bacteria is visible by the human eye when it coagulates inside a growth medium (usually an agar plate or tube).

    RE: NG Nostalgia '07-08
    I hate to be that guy who tries to define genres of music because everybody's got their own ideas, music is music, and most importantly individual songs shouldn't be restricted to the bounds of accepted characteristics for the sake of remaining a certain style...but that song certainly isn't jazz, despite what Jurian labeled his track as. The harmony is a pop progression, there is no jazz chording, the drums and warm synths are typical of a pop song, the left hand has some b5 blues notes but overall everything about the song to me emanates a pop/contemporary style. Sorohanro and No1r are jazz.

  43. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/15/2015

    Ooh, but if you wake up later you still wake up to the sun, then! :/

    Right. And yeah, that does make it difficult to prove.

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    Ah. Point taken and agreed with.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Sounds logical. Though, my main point on the issue was that if they'd cut out dietary sugar during this process, it'd help the body recoup so much better. The immune system is as its weakest when subject to the brute-force treatment after all, so that's when sugar's the most harmful. And with less sugar overall in a diet, maybe such disease wouldn't manifest so easily...

    RE: Cellular Confusion Calamity
    Ah, so... no false diagnoses then? I do remain somewhat skeptic...

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Guess it could be classified as jazz due to the improvisational aspect of it. Hmm, if this is jazz I do kinda like this jazz:

    Trying to analyze my general dislike with the genre, I suppose I tend to not like how jazz music (especially with the more improvised types) often lacks a consistent melody. Like rhyme in poetry, the melody is something I value highly in music, it's like a familiarity you can call home, something to return to, like a rail to tie a train to, roots to reach the ground, other randomly suitable symbolism here. And I tend to like piano, but not always all brass. What's your take on country btw?

  44. S3C
    Monday Feb/16/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Granted some species of bacteria and fungi probably require sugar to survive (IOW they don't have the necessary enzymes to breakdown proteins and fats)- I'm not sure how practical that theory is. Ultimately, animal cells needs glucose, the most basic sugar/carbohydrate, and they need lots of it. Like I said above, if you cut out the carbohydrates, the body is just going to convert the proteins and lipids into glucose through a more metabolically expensive process. So there are 3 problems that I immediately I see with not having a balance diet (that includes sufficient carbohydrates) and the pertinence to fighting off infection: 1.) your body will have readily available glucose already for bacteria and fungi all the same from catabolizing proteins and lipids 2.) your body may not have sufficient stores of fats and proteins due to increased lipolysis and proteolyis (the breaking down of fats and proteins respectively) to perform normal function, making your more susceptible to infection...protein is highly necessary to synthesize many products of the lymphatic system which helps protect and fight off infection 3.) therefore you may have to increase the amounts of fats and proteins you consume, and too much of anything is toxic for you body, will give you stomach aches and disrupt your digestion. And I know it probably seems now like I'm "pro-sugar" which I'm not- too much sugar causes obesity. Excess sugar (talking about glucose) now is going to be converted for storage by insulin, which when done in excess is believed to possibly lead to insulin resistance, ergo type II Diabetes.

    Again, I'm not a nutritionist. In reality, you cannot avoid (dietary) carbohydrates generally in the form of starch- as vegetables, nuts, milk, eggs, beans, and some fruits contain them. The ultimate question here is there practical, sufficient amounts of carbohydrates in these foods for the body to carry out normal metabolic function to the point where we could safely eliminate grain??

    In the days of old not only did we eat less carbohydrates, but we didn't eat as much overall. And it's not the grains that make the "carb food group" bad in of itself, but all the processing, "enriched" bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup, all the addicting properties, nutrient stripping, and whatnot that makes sustenance in our world f*cked up. Especially in the U.S., which has placed billions of dollar into the corn industry.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    What specific homeopathic treatment did you use to cure your fur allergy and to fight off colds? Because under close scrutiny they may technically not be homeopathies to begin with, even if so, there is likely an alternative more scientifically sound explanation towards these practices correlating with your recovery. But it seems like I'm starting to argue how to appropriately classify the therapy, which in the end is not that important.

    Lol, no one has overdosed from sugar pills as that would require hundreds of pills at once. There is no medication in which the patient would be given that many pills as once, rendering such a placebo test as moot.

    Science is neutral, and skeptical by default. It doesn't prove or disprove anything, but aims to find the explanation behind something, which is reinforced by disproving things to rule out what doesn't work. Therefore, it's infinitely easier to deem a practice or substance unsafe as that requires to test one scenario, while to conclude that a certain practice or substance is safe requires a multitude of scenarios to test safety in entirety.

    RE: Cellular Confusion Calamity
    Well I don't want to say it's never happened, but it would be a very remote occurrence. What are you skeptic
    about?? There's a clear difference: cell wall (never cancer) or no cell wall (cancer or a benign mass)

    RE: NG Nostalgia '07-08
    I see what you mean. The melodies in jazz are usually played at the start and end of a piece, with long improvisational sections in between (there was no improvisation in Green Piano btw). Even the melodies are often complex (which IMO makes them sound more like solos), obscured by the other instruments, or simply, just not melodically developed in nature. In general jazz pieces are just a set of chords, with a fairly short melody line, and perhaps a certain riff or vamp to play to a set style that can usually be grouped into swing or latin/straight. There usually are no particular, intricate details within the transcription like you would find in a classical piece of music; at all points of the song there is usually some level of improvisation and freedom occurring; how the pianist and/or guitarist decides to comp the written chords, what notes the bassist highlights and how he interacts with the drummer to set up a good rhythm section and make the lead sound good, when the drummer decides to implement certain fills, subtle changes in volume, syncopation, etc. I've always struggled with finding the discipline to learn full in songs in all their details, I just like to jam, so in part that's a why I have propensity for jazz music.

    I like all music, but I'm not a fan of how country has essentially become pop-rock music over the last two decades. The original stuff (such as bluegrass), songs with more complex fingerpicking, blues and latin influences, banjos, mandolins, fiddles instrumentation moreso cater to my palette.

  45. Cyber
    Monday Feb/16/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus

    I suppose the difference in how different substances affect disease when transformed to glucose lies in how they're broken down and digested; maybe in what other nutritional value they have, like how the kernels in apples aren't poisonous if you eat them along with the apple. Of course, you'd still need to eat to be healthy. Preferably proteins, fats and carbohydrates in that order. Fats and protein have the added benefit of not raising blood sugar levels the same and thus don't make you 'feel' hungry the same way, nor do they make you feel as tired, bypassing those fluctuating levels of energy you can get if you eat lots of sweet things. If you try dropping carbohydrates right away, the initial effect will be that you feel hungrier, because the body craves sugar. From what I read you don't necessarily need to eat more, it's just a change the body needs time to adapt to.

    Mmm, my sister's a nutritionist, amongst other things. That's where I fetch a multitude of my (at times less scientifically proven) theories and habits. When I'm speaking of carbohydrates I generally mean the grain btw, the white wheat, bread and pasta - all those bad carbs. Fruits, nuts, etc should do a much better job at keeping us healthy. Eliminating grain makes you tired initially, but the longer you stay without, the better you feel. I had some digestive issues last year that forced me to adapt such a diet. Kept away from basically all 'common' carbohydrates I could, and though unfortunately all my favorite foods are that type which I had to avoid, it felt great eventually. Shed a lot of weight too. I think I blogged about it then...

    Oh yeah, definitely. Just moving away from the regular white wheat to whole grain gives you a huge nutritional boost, and fructose is a real hazard, I'm happy that stuff still isn't so common over here. Going through the 'Exotic Foods' shelf in the shop, American products have menacingly large amounts of that stuff... it's strange btw, apparently Sweden and USA are about equally healthy, even if the US are much much more obese. Been contemplating if your optimism might be one of the things that keep you so healthy despite the edible dangers hmm. *cough* And less cellphone radiation *cough*

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    The fur allergy was a long time ago, I can probably dig up further info if you really wish to research it? As for my common cure of cold, it's: Apis Beladdonna Globuli Velati. And you're right, it's not traditional homeopathy. ;) But it follows the same principle: it's made the same way.

    I know I've read about a study on placebo and depression where one of the candidates attempted suicide (and succeeded) with what he/she thought was an actual medicine (anti-depressants I assume), but were in reality just sugar pills. Trying to Google the case but finding nothing...

    Well, there's prejudice in scientists as with all other people... I feel like scientists often have a strong dislike against traditional; natural alternatives, whereas they see new technology as progress, no matter how unsafe it may be. I don't agree with that general 'belief' that man-made alternatives are generally better than whichever traditional ingredients they are based upon. We should be more self-critical of our research and product. The world's been evolving over millions of years, nature, and how we interact and depend on it, then we suddenly start producing synthetic alternatives, building cities, new cultures and habits, in a way synthesizing the entire world and our ways of life... and expecting it to all be an improvement. I do like technological innovation, and I appreciate a lot of the discoveries we've made that facilitate or for the better (subjective of course, I'm thinking of things like: new forms of entertainment) change our life on Earth, but we're only human! We're a self-certain, stubborn and greedy species, with much too little respect for the natural order. And it's human to err. It bothers me how people don't seem to think they'll ever make a mistake, and don't learn from them even when they do make them.

    RE: Cellular Confusion Calamity
    I'm skeptic that cancer is always correctly diagnosed as cancer, and that cancer really is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Though, without knowing all the facts, all I can be is skeptic. :/

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Aah the piano wasn't improvised?? Mmm, sometimes it turns out great, but sometimes it just feels messy, sloppy, a piece without all the planning and perfection that makes up music in other genres. And they're limited to a very select set of instruments, guitar solos are somehow... so different...

    Ah, I should look up some of the classics. I've mixed views on the genre myself. It used to be that one type of music I just didn't like, but lately I've heard some pieces that really changed my perspective. It's a genre that plays over such a very broad emotional spectrum too, from the typical melancholy, to the incredibly humorous, to cheesy and pretentious. I like the story-telling aspect of it too. And I like the more Rock-oriented blend, where artists like Kid Rock and Uncle Cracker come to mind. Not so much for the Kenny Rogers or Dolly Parton type love-story classics though, least not the little I've listened to.

  46. Doomroar
    Monday Feb/16/2015

    The RE's have come back!

    RE: waking up.
    But if i wake up to the sun i will be late for class... that's the problem i want to be on time.

    That's the challenge of they have to face, to show us all that it goes beyond a placebo, time to get some disbelievers as guinea pigs, or animals, is not like they know that they are eating medicine...

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    Karl Popper never forget.

    RE: Cellular Confusion Calamity
    Come on man i was joking... (i will spread the word of the half mushroom human cancer cells anyways! MWAHAHAHAHA)
    You can still be skeptic after knowing all (at the moment known) parts, actually you should, you ought to be.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    I have been telling him for weeks that we would start to starve without sugar, so it is either that we are misinterpreting Mr CyberD, or CyberD is misinterpreting his sister, but carbohydrates are the primary source of energy/food for us, so something here is not working.

    Plot twist! it was a candy store all along!!!! (on overdosing with prescribed sugar pills)

    Karl Popper never forget. this doesn't contradicts what Dr S3C said, it is still just over consumption that leads into obesity, and an over active gut flora. this one actually says that some Carbohydrates are beneficial like in the cancer and Gastrointestinal diseases sections for example, so this link is actually a point against cutting down on sugars, of course not all sugars are the same, and everything in excess is a mess. again anything in excess is a mess, balance my people, some call for prudence, others for the middle path, is all about control, what? damn you Foucault power everywhere! say no to overdoses! Na fuck it we are all going to die anyway, go to town with it.

    I will leave the part of the proteins => fats => sugars to you Dr S3C, however i am sure you already explained this before, in this very page, so i will just observe.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Yeah i also think that maybe what he took, actually had some belladonna on it.
    Mmmh so it really was part of the second kind circling the market? or maybe even the 3rd hypothetical kind which actually has part of the thing, now my comment on the other post seems stupid... well it happens.

    Karl Popper never forget. Is this the 3rd time i say this? we are going in circles; can someone falsify/nullify this notion?

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08 this one is more swing than Jazz, but the trumpet does have its Jazzy rhythm, no solos that i could notice tho. yeah this is a pop song, a nice pop song tho.

    So Theodor Adorno of you XD, the crazy rhythms is all part of the appeal, and amid all that there's is a clear distinctive order, (Theodor Adorno was a German sociologist, philosopher and musicologist known for his critical theory of society, and regularly went against Jazz as a proper form of music, as expected he got his ass kicked by his contemporaries who defended Jazz, to the point were one of them even dared to say that he wrote: 'some of the stupidest pages ever written about jazz', i personally like his works that have nothing to do with musicology), your points here are similar to what Adorno points against Jazz, not that i am calling you stupid by any means, of course no. if this is country then i do like it, but generally, for the most part of it, i don't really like country at all, not even Kid Rock's stuff.

  47. S3C
    Tuesday Feb/17/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Interesting articles. I suppose that's suffice evidence for being able to safely eliminate "grain" from your diet...what about corn, cereals, whole wheat, rice, etc. though. Not sure if we are on the same page regarding what we think dietary carbohydrates are- apparently, corn, beans, flax, sunflower seeds, amongst many others are sometimes classified as grain (I did not know this). What about the tortilla party and pizza you ate recently though??

    Apple seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide you would have to eat copious amounts of them for it to be harmful. (This is also a hypothetical alternative treatment for cancer)

    Your sister the recording artist/massage therapist/nutritionist?? Any other hidden professions?? Does your family read or ever comment on your blogs btw??

    Health may be due to optimism (being stress-free goes a long way) and the body's ability to adapt...but one thing we've neglected in this whole dietary discussion is how the world is becomingly increasingly more sedentary with the onset of internet communication, increasingly realistic video games replacing the outdoors (although video games are starting to integrate more just than our thumbs which is good), faster and faster paced lifestyles where people are stressed out, and have less time to exercise, driving, parking closer to locations instead of walking/biking as means to travel, the population becoming more medicated and consuming more alcohol to relieve said stress, etc. Also, I seem to be fortunate to acquire good genetics- I cannot seem to put on weight, although my eating habits could be improved and I need to exercise eating habits aren't bad per se, but I could certainly eat more wholesome, it's just a little more difficult and expensive in America. Unhealthy habits will catch up to you all the same. Or not. Some individuals smoke and drink, and eat unhealthy yet live normal lifespans and are fortunate enough not to experience the deleterious side effects. But no sane person would make an example out of these outlier cases and declare cigarettes, alcohol, or McDonalds as safe.

    RE: Homeopath or Psycopath
    "apis belladonna globuli velati" or in English "Atropa belladonna and Apis mellifica (bee venom) capsules" ;) Is this it:

    [will continue later maybe]

  48. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/17/2015

    It's the Re:turn! :D

    RE: waking up.
    Didn't you just say... that the sun is already up when you wake up? So you do wake up to the sun? Or you mean wake up as in wake up with an alarm, IOW you need something/one else to wake you if you are to rise before the sun cometh crawling onto the horizon?

    Apparently the placebo effect applies to animals too, stumbled upon some article on that topic while Googling other links yesterday. If it does apply to homeopathy, maybe they could finally get to proving this thing hmm... assuming all animals respond equally to the same ingredients, which may not be the case considering dogs can't eat chocolate, amongst other things....

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    Suppose this would be a good time to learn who Karl Popper is! Only thing the name tells me: he has a cool name.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Alright alright, we need sugar, but not as much as we eat today! Not bread or pasta or pastries or anything tasty, none of the crazy carbohydrate crap modern society's manifested onto us.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    They all have an ingredient man. Well, they're all supposed it. It wouldn't work if there was nothing there. Problem seems to be: scientists see nothing there. It's like this whole thing on 'space is empty, it's a void, a void at all costs' before they discovered it was actually full of gray matter.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Sounds like I like swing! Looks like we've got two genre experts here. :) I feel like I should know more about music, about all the different styles and flavors and differences which distinguish such melodical compositions! Considering I like to say I partake in the craft.

    Random philosophers mentioned in various contexts for potential research hmm? ;) Ah, interesting. Well I'm not claiming Jazz isn't a valid genre, just analyzing my general dislike of it. Looks like we had similar taste! Wonder if Theodor Adorno liked hiphop and metal too? :P

    That's a pretty nice song, laid-back and a banjo (maybe). Really nice. Actually, nicer than I thought it'd be... definitely not the kind of country I'm used to hearing.

    S3C response coming up! And is it just me or is it getting hard to precision scroll on this page...

  49. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/17/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Well let's just say wheat and white sugar for now. If we could just eliminate those everyone would be a lot better off. Rice is alright, but shouldn't be eaten in too large doses either. I think we have this preconception in the West that everyone in the Far East eat a lot of rice, but it's really usually just a side-dish, at least for those who can afford 'usual' food. They eat a lot of fat fish, rich in both protein and fat, and a lot of vegetables, they really have a comparably very healthy diet. If you visit an Asian restaurant in a non-Asian country you'll probably get the wrong impression. Though Western culture's spreading to the East as well so who knows how it is now... btw, somewhat relevant:

    Carbohydrates in potatoes: 17g/100g. Rice: 23g/100g. Pasta: 75g/100g. Bread: 56g/100g. I don't know where Google are fetching their facts though, before looking online I was under the impression Rice and Pasta were both around 81g/100g and potatoes 18g/100g. And white bread (AKA toast) is not good either. I didn't know about beans, flax or sunflower seeds either. Corn I avoid for other reasons: potential GMO. Tortillas and pizza aren't good either of them, especially since tortillas are commonly not just corn but also wheat. It's cheaper. At least wheat tortillas have taken over over here.

    I'm sure not all carbohydrates would be so bad if they weren't first grown and processed as they are, often efficiently depleting any other complementary nutrients they may have. I know potatoes has a lot of other good stuff, plenty of potassium for example, good for the heart. As far as I know rice is much more neutral. And btw, speaking of white rice here. Wild rice, red rice etc, that's not too bad. Yeah, maybe I should just start specifying which particular foodtypes that aren't good when I say 'carbohydrates'. It seems it's much more open to misinterpretation than I thought. :/

    Oh, cereals usually have tons of sugar. That's stuff to avoid. We have musli with oats, raisins; sunflower seeds. Probably not optimal either, but it's an improvement. It's not like we're all health gurus obsessed with eating only good things btw, it's more like a family hobby... and feeling good makes you... feel good you know? On that topic I've recently attained the (bad) habit of Vanilla Coke. What a surprise addiction.

    Hmm, didn't think you'd need to eat copious amounts to be affected, but hope you get the point. Interesting revelation on alternative cancer remedy!

    Yupp. :) She works with reflexology, cellulite treatment and sleep treatment too, I might be missing something. Last course she read was on Quantum-Touch Healing, but I don't think she's sided with the force quite yet! I don't think so. Maybe the blog on occasion, but they're pretty busy people. Busy or not interested in computers (IOW my parents).

    There's definitely that too! And you drive much more in the US, have much more cars/person, etc. Yeah, some people are lucky! I envy all of those with perfect eyesight! With perfect dental health! Who have never had a headache! Who never worry! Who never have trouble sleeping! Who have no trouble finding a purpose or appreciating life! I know people from each one of said categories, but I guess everyone has their one strength and then all their other problems. I read about some guy who ate fastfood every day, breakfast lunch and dinner, and felt great. Extreme cases of envy. XD Yeah, we should really change our lifestyles a bit, as a whole... as the human race. And this unhealthy obsession with making a mark, of getting recognized, leaving something behind for future generations... that's getting our priorities all messed up, especially now when it's so easy to do. In the digital sphere. Where everything's easy to make but even easier to have erased forever at the end of an era, as sites go down, as technologies falter, as we all change.... Feels like in lack of better purpose, we put our faith in the superficial.

    Exactly that one! Even the same manufacturer! Well, maybe they're the only manufacturer...

    [looking forward to it!]

  50. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/18/2015

    RE: waking up
    I need to wake up before the sun, that's why i use an(2) alarm, if i have class at 7, and the sun rises up at 6, and it takes me 1 hour and a half to go from my house to the classroom, would it be viable for me to let the sun wake me up at 6? i don't think so, also i already said i use 2 alarms at the same time... i don't know where the idea of sunshine came from, that thing doesn't helps me at all, i will blame Dr S3C on this one.

    Yeah but we want to show things that work beyond a placebo, not if the placebo itself works, so i say that they could give animals pills without them knowing that it is a placebo, of course as long as the ingredients aren't harmful for them.

    RE: Science is for Skeptics is a long read, but hey we have a bunch of links to long reads here anyway so i will go with the custom.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Of course everything on excess is a mess, and some people are into bukake...

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    It could, once they manage to discover where the essence is, but before that it should be handled with discretion.
    What space is full of gray matter? space is full of brains!? we are in the matrix! oh Dark Matter, well that's still hypothetical, but it could be.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Jazz is a nice genre, not only it has lots of things by itself, but it was the foundation to the next generations of music, just as worthy of exploration as classical music.

    Chances are that Adorno would have tried to trash all over Hip-Hop as a lot of it is similar to Jazz, and for Metal only the most refined, and organized forms would have managed to escape the umbrella of "unrefined noise for ignorant people", in essence for him those genres wouldn't count as music.

    Yeah that's about the only song i know that i like in that genre, i really should explore it more, some day.

  51. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/18/2015

    RE: waking up
    Finally it all makes sense! Those are some crazily early mornings btw. I usually have a hard time getting up before 9.

    Right, but if they give some animals placebos, they'd need to give other animals the real deal - to see if they respond differently. And thus, they'd need to know that the ingredient has the same or the intended effect on that specific animal. The problem here would be: they'd first need to assure homeopathy works on animals, before they'd be able to ascertain if the homeopathy is actually working or if it's just a placebo.

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    Hmm, not sure how we moved from Karl Popper to falsifiability? What falisifiability had with to do with me agreeing to previous point I'd agreed with? Oh, is the 'science must be falsifiable' claim by Karl Popper the reference? I'll agree with that!

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Hope you're not using that as a simile to a protein-rich diet hrmm...

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Mmm, and with respect! With the acknowledgment that there are things they may not yet understand.

    Haha, so in other words, space is food for thought! :P (deja vu)

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    That's true, it paved a way for the new age, but now that we're here there are so many new genres I'd prefer to listen to! Classical music when done right can be so momentous, but a lot of it... feels very plain. Not to sound unappreciative of the old genres, but it feels like tastes develop with time; change with each generation... or maybe not, maybe it's just certain elements like pace and choice of word, when there is word... instrumental music doesn't seem to age the same.

    Haha, we must've been quite unlike after all!

    Some day!

  52. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/20/2015

    RE: waking up
    If it were up to me i would wake up pass 13, but no dice. Anyway i like class in the morning better.

    Yeah they would need a control group, and a test group, that's normal procedure, and of course they would need to know if the med actually works at all on animals, but i don't see why it wouldn't seeing that we share most of our DNA with them.

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    Karl Popper is one of the, or better said the dad of falisifiability.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    The protein is normally deposited on the lower mouth, which is not used for feeding, or at least that's how the videos i have seen end.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    But that's exactly the problem, you don't send a sick person to a shaman in hopes of it healing it by calling its ancestors (even if it gets to work) instead of giving them medication that we already understand, the problem of respect here is that this particular field of knowledge is tied to human health, and apparently we think that human life is important and should be taken with care, if it didn't had any repercussions on that field it would be ok.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Definitively we are a product of our times and environment.

    He would probably sided with you on Jazz, then try to strangle you on everything else, maybe he would agree on modern classical music being bland.

  53. Cyber
    Friday Feb/20/2015

    RE: waking up
    Haha 13 seems a bit excessive, but I am glad I get the luxury of longer mornings! I like the sense of getting things done I get every time I manage to get up early though. Feels like all the best days start with early mornings.

    How about that chocolate example? They can't digest all the same ingredients we can, so I assume there may be other differences too. Anyhow, for homeopathy in particular, it'd need to be proven for it to be tested vs placebo, so in that sense it'd be difficult.

    RE: Science is for Skeptics
    I'll keep it in mind!

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Good point. Was going to say something about how even our skin is receptive to certain ingredients, though eh... I'd rather buy cake eh.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    They claim they're sugar pills and have no effect, then they claim they should be banned because they're a danger. Synthetic drugs are the real danger here; if they didn't have any repercussions it'd be OK, nobody would be seeking other methods to heal themselves.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08

    I was thinking of classical classical though, don't think I've listened much to modern classical (what a paradox btw).

  54. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    RE: waking up
    Nope, it is normally raining at 4 i the morning, nothing good about that, the only thing positive is that you save time by having classes early.

    Yeah they would of course use medicine that is medicinal and not poisonous for animals, medicine made using the homeopathy procedure, and tested using a control group and a test group, all random and blind.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    I actually don't like cake.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    They are a danger because people use them instead of proven medicine, thus allowing their illness to run rampant in their bodies, even more on that link you gave me homeopathy only has less than 50% of a positive effect, and a 5% negative one, so the thing also has negative side effects, nocebos are something.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Just turn on the radio and put the cultural channel, they usually pass modern classical music interpreted by famous philharmonics (at least over here), we leave our dog listening to that each time we have to leave and he has to stay alone, so that means my dog has listened to more classical music than myself! hahaha.

  55. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/21/2015

    RE: waking up
    Monsoon time? Or does it always rain early morning over there?! Well, a day should be the same length regardless of when you wake up, so that's a bit of an illusion, but maybe the light of day has an effect on how you perceive time use; how you can more efficiently co-ordinate your tasks during the earlier phases of the day. I notice time usually seems to pass much faster during the end of the day, which could be partly explained by how I'm usually tired at that point, but if I get up early I'd be tired as well, still seems there's a noticeable difference in efficiency.

    Yeah, but wouldn't they have to test the medicine first, to see how animals react to it, before being able to test it to see if it's placebo? In other words: they'd be testing it before they could test it for placebo, in a test where its effect, or lack thereof, would prove only that it doesn't or does work on animals. If it does work, there'd be no need for further testing, and if it doesn't, it would only prove that animals aren't receptive. So, placebo tests in particular would be entirely ineffective.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    No kinds? Not even with a lot of icing?

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Hmm, they'd better hurry up and prove them soon...

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    I don't think we have the same radio channels you know. If you're interested, here in Stockholm our current selection features: P1, P2, P3 and P4 ('official' channels, with focus on news, abstract/new music and modern culture), Rix FM and Mix Megapol (pop/rap/mainstream), NRJ/The Voice (rnb/rap/dance), Bandit Rock (rock, focus on metal), Rock Klassiker (classic rock), Vinyl 107,1 (self-explanatory name), Lungna Favoriter (soft pop/rock) and Radio Viking (Swedish classics). Does your dog like classical music btw? I mean, is there a reason you leave on that particular channel? Keeps him calm etc?

  56. Doomroar
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    RE: waking up
    We don't really have a thing such as "seasons" over here so at mornings where the temperature is cooler rain will be an usual thing.
    sunlight starts hitting this face of the earth at 6, and stops hitting this face of the earth around 18-19, so we get 12 +/- hours of sunlight, it's just that i have to be on my way waaaaay before 6 or i will be late for class.

    Just a meager excuse, if it really works there shouldn't be a problem for it to not work in animals when they are made for animals using the homeopathy principle, which is in essence a chemical one (useful page indeed).

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    I get easily overwhelmed by sweet things, and i have to stop or i become disgusted by the food.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    That would become one of the greatest breakthroughs on the modern history of chemistry and biology.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    No classical music radio channel (other than the viking one)? interesting.
    Yeah it calms him down when he has to stay alone.

  57. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/24/2015

    RE: waking up
    Aha. Always the same amount of sun btw, all year round? Seems like a dream! Mmm, imagine you had to get up 6, but the sun didn't come up until around 10, and started going down around 15, and you'd be spending those few hours of potential sunshine inside any normal day. Dark when you get up, dark when you get out again, dark when you go to sleep... that's why I love summer. :P And yet, it's in the parts of the world where sunshine is so plentiful that they (used to) worship the sun god! :O

    Ah but... they don't say anything about animals do they? Chemical process as in: similar to regular medicine?

    Random Google for 'can animals use regular medicine' gives me:" While some human drug can be given to pets on a regular basis, others can be very toxic." ( )

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Overwhelmed as in: eat too much? Or just can't stand them? Sounds like a useful defense mechanism!

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Let's hope the institution doing the research doesn't stage a robbery to get rid of it soon as it shows some positive effect.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Yeah, and the Viking one doesn't play traditional Classic music, but rather classic Swedish music, which is more like folk music or soft pop. There's also a lot of this:

    Nice. :) I do remember reading something about music's calming effect on animals, might have been Classical in particular.

    Btw, speaking of Swedish music, looks like an adopted Swedish-Sami from Cali, Colombia might be winning the finals this year with a jojk:

    Winner of last years Talang (Talent show):

    It's a pretty unusual form of music even here, so I suppose that's why it's doing so well. So much crappy pop music in all commercial contests over here too, there should be more people who really put some heart/soul/emotion into their songs!

  58. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    RE: waking up
    I live at the equatorial line:
    Only 5 hours of sun? well nothing changes, that means that i still have to wake up before the sun starts to shine on the land, XD.
    I do think most early civilization all around the world worshiped the sun at some point.

    They don't mention animals because they are explaining a process at a molecular level.
    Nope, chemical, as in chemistry, the science that studies and tries to explain how matter works and interacts with each other, that link is all about chemistry, explaining how water molecules may bond under (and remain bonded after...) the influence of another substance.
    Now what i say is that if this chemical (law) is true, then there shouldn't be a problem for them to use it in order to make homeopathic medicine that works on animals.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Can't stand them if they are too sweet, not at a digestive level, but at a taste level.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Lol, that is still so damn lame, man i can't believe it.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    I see, so is not viking metal...

    His back-story is also pretty unusual, or maybe quite common... i don't know how many orphan natives are adopted by the Sami, but passing from being a native Colombian orphan to becoming a newcomer star of traditional semi music is definitively unusual XD.

    It has a lot of feeling definitively (the judges seemed like they were about to cry and i think one did haha, wonder what the lyrics mean).

  59. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    RE: waking up
    That'd explain it. Don't say you sit inside all day though, in the darkness like a tomb, coming home without seeing the light shine bright? ;) Mmm, maybe. The Kven people origins are still a big mystery so I guess we'll never know:

    Or, if it's true that the entire population of Earth originates from Africa, it'd be more likely!

    Taking into account the trace ingredients included within that water to give it effect? I'm just saying animal and human bodies don't always react the same way.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Nice! How about chips btw, salty, spicy, fried, fat and unhealthy?

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Mmm, makes me doubt a lot of similar cases too. Giving science a bad rep!

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    There's some of that on Bandit Rock. :)

    Yeah it seems pretty unusual. The Sami are a pretty enclosed culture too, I doubt they often adopt anyone, and from Colombia no less! Though, they look pretty similar.

    A jojk is a style of 'singing' based on sounds rather than words, as I understand it, so there aren't really any lyrics. It was dedicated to his recently deceased best friend Daniel though, so it did get a bit emotional, for all parties involved! XD There goes the stereotype that Swedes are a cold and heartless breed!

  60. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Classrooms have windows, but i am usually all day inside of a room, light coming mainly from fluorescent tubes. Yeah some times, for example today i will come back home without sunshine since i have class till night, indeed i should be sleeping right now... also at this moment in the morning there's no sun it is 5:50.

  61. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    I will stop filling that confirmation box before finishing the message...

    RE: waking up
    Na the Kven people are definitively Neanderthals and have nothing to do with modern humans, they must come from somewhere other than Africa... sarcasm!

    That's why they will be making homeopathic drugs that work in animals, if the principle behind it is real then it should work with any element diluted on water, which will be then memorized by that water.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    I don't get addicted to them, the "Bet you can't eat just one!" always seemed like a lie to me, but apparently other people can't really just eat one. However i do like them, i just don't love them.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Well if you can't trust science then there's nothing to trust out there, may as well join a cult, or be skeptical of everything, which is what i do.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08

    The wikipedia article says that he was bullied for being darker and not originally a Sami, but you know what they say "All (insert color here) people look the same".

    Only one judge cried! what a bunch of cold and heartless judges!

  62. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Because is faster this way, interesting bug.

  63. Doomroar
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Well it really is an interesting bug the old comments actually disappeared, or maybe i really should go to sleep.

  64. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Yeah... whatever happened to all those comments??! Just going to post this one to see what happens. If maybe... they all pop back again...

    Strange thing is, they're all still in the database. I can see them all via the admin panel. What happen, I will find out. :/

  65. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Aaah I figured it out. Had set comments to split to 60 comments/page, but hadn't fixed the template so it would show the pagination. Assuming this is the first post with 60+ comments. ;) Got a bit of a shock when they were all just gone. What happen? Wrong post? Someone hacking the site?? Sorry bout that..

    For now, I got rid of the limit, will fix up the layout later on.

  66. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Re:turn to the topic at hand...

    Oh, real timezone difference here, incredibly early morning for you is considerably later afternoon tea-time-eating-a-brownie over here. Good Morning! :P

    Man that sounds depressing for those select days you don't get any sunshine at all! Since I stopped going to school I at least spend an hour in the light each day, take my walks when it is as brightest, but there is a lot of inside time too. Just computer time/day is probably around 10-12 hours.

    RE: waking up
    lol. You approve of the all-people-originate-from-Africa theory then? I'm of Kvennish descent btw, as far back as my history may be traced.

    Ah, that's what you meant. In that case I do agree, it should be possible.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    Man such wondrous willpower! Such a profoundly healthy lifestyle! Without nae form of foody temptation! I'm in a bit of envy at the moment. Also realizing this no longer has anything to do with Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus...

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Yeah, skeptical, I am. Well I get swayed easily by things that make sense to me, but we've probably gone through the topic of fact and fiction and subjective truth a hundred times over by now...

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Mmm, yeah he mentioned that in the video too (in Swedish though, I skipped that part in the link), but not only because he was adopted but because he was Sami, like so many other native populations they too get looked down upon a bit. It's a shame though, they're role models we should all strive to be like, be one with nature! Live wild and free! Respect the Earth and don't get greedy! Though I hear they've started using a lot of helicopters and scooters to make deer herding a little easier...

    As for skin tone, Sami are white by nature, but since they spend so much time outside they all end up having the same dark tone-like tan anyway. We have a couple of Sami relatives, they really look alike. Even their traditional clothing looks a bit South American to me... maybe you can confirm? Anyway, I just imagine they might have more in common than the regular Swede/Colombian, in terms of ethics and appearance and everything. Shame about the bullying.

    Haha XD

  67. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/25/2015

    Really does get pretty long to scroll with all these comments btw... maybe 40/page would be a decent limit. Even better, limiting comments/page by overall amount of words rather than amount of comments, but I'm not a professional programmer enough to implement such dynamic database-driven features nobody's ever tried before! (any programmers reading the idea, feel free to use it!)

  68. Doomroar
    Friday Feb/27/2015

    RE: waking up
    I learned something, i am usually grumpy if i lack sleep XD.

    I get some sun while i travel, if is not early in the morning, or late at night... but usually i end classes around 14+/- so most of the time i get all the sun.

    Well would you consider yourself a Homo Sapiens? if so then... even if you have small Neanderthal DNA parts in you, they share Heidelbergensis as a common ancestor and that one just like the Sapiens, also comes from Africa.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    It has nothing to do with Dr. Sircus indeed haha. Is not really willpower is more like, i don't feel it so it doesn't affects me.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    We are on that exact topic right now over on NG indeed, it seems it is a theme that will be ever present, but that's fine with me.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Well if it makes it easier... but helicopters now that's some fancy herding!

    The clothing seems similar to that of some tribes (mmh is that term correct nowadays? anyway...) from the Andes, since it is a mountainous and cold region i guess that's not much of a surprise.

    RE: Comment Bug
    Could it be? we broke a record on comment-string length!?
    Well following Dr. S3C's advice to VicariousE over at NG, i just hit the end key and i am at the bottom of the page, luckily i don't have to now go back all the way up just to continue writing the comment XD.

  69. Cyber
    Friday Feb/27/2015

    RE: waking up
    Just dawned on you this dawn? Or maybe it's a revelationary result of thorough research? :P I've realized my mornings are either: great, or not great. It all depends on how I wake up, and how I've slept until that point. Which... is kinda logical and unheeding explanation I suppose...

    Aha. Good knowing. And yes, I've never really considered the possibility I'd be anything other than Homo Sapien.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    It's like immunity then. :)

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Yeah, it's an intriguing discussion! Just starts going in circles after a while. Feels like I don't have much more to contribute to the topic, only reformulations.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Yeah they're getting lazy. :) Not really in tune with their traditional down-to-Earth all natural approach either! And considering their place of inhabitance is pretty much the only real wilderness still remaining, it's a shame that be polluted as well. But then again, we all are, would be unfair if they didn't have the same privileges of destruction!

    Well, if they are tribes then tribes works I suppose, feels like the natural thing to say would be: natives. Seems somewhat similar to how they live over here, though less jaggedly mountainous.

    RE: Comment Bug
    That we did! Posts with the most comments can be seen here:

    Oh, that's good advice, going to start using that too. Mmm, having the comment box after the comments seems to be a working solution. Never actually considered an ascending order, like we used to have over at NG, but still it felt natural over there. I guess it might have to do more with comment box placement than anything else, and definitely pagination when applicable, still pretty annoying having a necessary extra click to get to the most recent. I'm a bit surprised Tom hasn't pitched in on the conversation yet, opted for a compromise, or even reasoned as to why the change isn't reversible, if it isn't. He should be aware people aren't all too happy about the change.

  70. Doomroar
    Saturday Feb/28/2015

    RE: waking up
    Just dawned on me this dawn, i usually don't comment that early in the morning after a whole day without sleep.

    Then yo from Africa mon, da moda land.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus
    I guess, now if that also applied to spaghetti...

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    The thing is that you are in a way completely correct, because we start from a subjective point of view, but the whole idea when making statements about the world is that they have to go beyond our subjectivity, otherwise there wont be a way to know if the dress is Gold/white or Blue/Black, but thankfully we know that the dress it self as sold from the store blue/black, but on the picture, the awful camera and lighting makes the brain compromise and fill in the rest giving the change in the colors perceived, the actual colors down to the pixels are dirty brown/whitened purple XD.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    I hate that argument, no one should be allowed to go ruining thing just because everyone else is also ruining things, with that said i wonder if the use of the helicopter as a tool of herding makes sense with their philosophical principles (not with the traditions, because clearly helicopters are modern inventions) if so, then they aren't going astray from their roots, maybe they are going astray from what the public thinks of them but on the inside it may be fine, for example a lot of indigenous groups over here have cellphones and access to alternative power generation, but that technology doesn't contradicts their views.

    The problem is that the word tribes was invented by taxonomist when they went to the world to classify humans in the age of colonialism, and found groups of them that didn't adhere to the classical view they had of civilization, so those small groups were called tribes, which had connotations of inferiority. And over here our natives refer to themselves as nations, so i should probably use that word instead.

    RE: Comment Bug
    Haha so that other one was also close to break XD.

    The problem is indeed on the comment box placement and pagination, as it is now commenting in large blogs is just a pain.

  71. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/28/2015

    RE: waking up
    Ah. Do you write better during the start or end of a day btw? I'm usually much quicker during the morning. If I don't get things written fast I end up stalling. Things like email, comment responses, etc. Creative writing speed depends on inspiration levels throughout the day

    Da tree of life, true dat!

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    Too much spaghetti? How much spaghetti is too much spaghetti?

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Haha nice example! XD And maybe they get their information printed wrong, so the color to corresponding product show under a different category! Like how I recently ordered a pair of pants, same size and brand as a pair I'd ordered earlier, and the waist measurements was at least a few cm off! And they won't even give me a refund! For shame.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Yeah, it's a vicious cycle. Envy. Greed. And we don't really have any positive political role models that can shape society based on how they act rather than how they want us to act, while they go around doing whatever they please.

    As for helicopters, that's an interesting question. I have no idea as to what philosophical principles they have, if they even have a religion of their own, I'm assuming they lived as they did due to technological limitations rather than by choice. Gotta remember to bring up that topic when we venture North for summer... they have cellphones too btw.

    Ah. I wonder if all translations follow the same discriminating etymology though, 'tribes' feels like a word people would voluntarily use to categorize themselves, but maybe counterparts like clans or families are better for that purpose.

    RE: Comment Bug
    Yeah. :) Btw, seems I'm usually the one posting the last comment, and usually not the most conclusive or captivating final line either. Gotta learn to know when to stop!

    Yeah, and yet all staff members so far seem to be shrugging off all potential usability issues. Seems some more convincing may be needed.

  72. Doomroar
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    RE: waking up
    I am usually better at night, but it all comes down to how much sleep i have really.

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    When you can't move out of your chair...

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    The was taken by a customer and has nothing to do with the makers of the dress so this whole business is free marketing for them XD, incidentally they don't sell the dress on white/gold, but they have it on white/black and red/black XD

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    "Do as i say, not as i do" because liberalism.

    Yeah it is similar to the casinos that are owned by the natives in the US.

    Well not everyone in a tribe has to be part of the same family, so i don't think it is interchangeable, on the other hand just one family can't define a whole culture so yeah... maybe on dynasties but while those get to define a period of time, they are still just a part of a bigger culture which they happen to rule.

    RE: Comment Bug
    Well when that happens maybe it is because the conversation is forgotten, or there's nothing else to say because the conclusion is evident, finding a blog just to replay "Aha" or "yeah" seems pretty much pointless.

    Since they promised a redesign and a mobile version i will wait until those are released to see how things turn out then, so for me the page as of now is on a beta stage.

  73. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    RE: waking up

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    lol, sounds like you need some chairs with wheels! Wheels on Meals.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    lmao, so it's an actual real life example! XD And definitely blue and black.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08

    On the topic of greed?

    Well I meant family in the sense of brotherhood, a grouping of like-minded people brought together by a common cause or necessity, rather than actually bonded by blood. Yeah, wouldn't work to classify an entire culture, but it feels like a lot of natives are more like groups. Or, well, native 'tribes' I guess.

    RE: Comment Bug
    Haha yeah. And since I get notifications I never forget. ;)

    From what they're writing, a sorting order is low on their list of priorities though... well, I'm looking forward to the redesign! Seems like it won't be such a total overhaul with potential to mess things up this time around, but more of an overall optimization, bug-fixing, down-slimming movement. And the anniversary year seems like the perfect time for it! :D

  74. Doomroar
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    May as well just eat on my bed.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Yeah and apparently most people actually see the dress white/gold first, so it is free marketing but for nonexistent dress! haha.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Nope on the topic of technology, you wont expect a native group to operate a casino, however the practice has a lot of history behind it, principally because since they can manage their own laws in their reserves they were able to run their own gambling laws and that way fight back a little against the empowered invaders, it has nothing to do with greed (on the native's part).

    Some do, but not all, thus it doesn't works as a general blanket therm that covers them all.

    RE: Comment Bug

    As long as the page is working without bugs it is fine with me, now with that said the current comment system is a bug in my eyes.

  75. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/1/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    I... spent like two minutes trying to think of something clever to say here. :/ Mind is blank. Did you catch the Jackie Chan reference in the previous comment btw?

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Illusionary advertising, publicity stuntin' at it's finest!

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Ah, interesting. Are they still running casino's? Casino's where anyone can gamble, or only the ones to which the traditional laws don't apply?


    Indeed. And there are plenty of other bugs elsewhere, like how you can sort reviews by rating and have the 'Write a Review' button appear without first having watched the movie. Just found that one, which is btw one bug I don't mind if they don't fix...

  76. Doomroar
    Monday Mar/2/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    Nope, i haven't seen that one, bookmarked it tho.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    -"Hello, excuse me do you have this dress on white and gold?"

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Casinos where they laws run of course.

    Well you still have to write a review so ins't that much of a deal.

  77. Cyber
    Monday Mar/2/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    It's a good movie! One of not enough where the whole trio's together: Jackie, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. Also Miss Spain 1979, and Karate King Benny Urquidez! (his second time in a Jackie Chan movie, the other being Dragon's Forever) Aw yeah!!

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Could sell it with applicable dye. ;) Costs extra.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    But casino's where anyone can play? Or just natives? Btw, do they have anything in Las Vegas?

    Well yeah, but with this bug I can write a review at any time, without actually opening up the submission first! Useful in that rare can't-think-of-a-time-when-it-might-actually-be-applicable moment when I want to save on bandwidth. Oh, especially useful for Unity games, because some of those lag so much I have to shut them down before reviewing. At times the browser helps me out by crashing the plugin, but not always.

  78. Doomroar
    Monday Mar/2/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    His face reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne mixed with Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins (talking about Benny Urquidez).

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Changing black into gold? indeed it will cost extra (they have the dress on black and white).

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Casinos where anyone can play (not much of a point if is only gambling between themselves), the idea behind them was to have more appealing deals than the regular casinos and that way slowly generate capital and fight against the system, it also gave them a way to survive after they got the land stolen from them and all that.

    Dude you have fast ass internet how much of a miser can you be? or are you working with a toaster? for real i saw your post of getting internet back and i was like "damn that's like 4 or so times better than my internet".

  79. Cyber
    Tuesday Mar/3/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    lol, had to Google Billy Corgan, but that looks hmm.... don't really see the resemblance! Probably looking at the wrong pictures.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Miracle dye. :) Btw, just stumbled upon this:

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Just checking! Sounds good. Looks like they do have something going on in Nevada too!

    I often work with a toaster, toasting toast, they're quite efficient! Well once you get an upgrade, it's hard to live on reduced speed! Glad we don't have fiber yet or anything else would just be... man I don't even want to picture such a scenario. O_O But anyway, Unity bug still applies, regardless of speed, big pain in the assymetrical Internet culture.

  80. Doomroar
    Wednesday Mar/4/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    Just smash their faces together.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Yeah it is the opposite of colorblindness and can only appear in women because it is in one of their X chromosomes, however there have been cases of 8% men having pseudo Tetrachromacy.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Is madness all over Nevada.

    I still don't see the point of that bug.

  81. Cyber
    Wednesday Mar/4/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    But I don't want to break them.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Whaaat? You don't mean only women can be tetrachromat? I counted 36 differences in the chart, so... does that mean I'm one of only 8%?! How many nuances do you see? Gotta check if the rest of the family sees the same btw, if it's a genetic trait or at random. Seems strange people wouldn't be able to perceive the same things you see, really puts things in perspective.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08

    Example: if Unity lags to the point you can't type, you can play the game first, reload the page, sort reviews by ratings; write your review!

  82. Doomroar
    Friday Mar/6/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    The blend their faces together?

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Calibrate your computer screen, BTW poor test because i was able to count way above 28, and i am sure i am a mere normal male.
    It is a genetic trait stored on the X chromosome, that's way males only get a pseudo version of the real thing, if they get it at all.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    You are playing with a toaster... but ok i see your point, you could also, just collapse the game... just saying.

  83. Cyber
    Friday Mar/6/2015

    RE: Dr. Sircus Fungal Circus & Spaghetti
    That'd work.

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Would your ability to perceive certain colors really change if you calibrate your computer screen? The nuances would still all be different wouldn't they? 28 would put you in the trichromat category, which IS according to the article the normal one. Seems I count different amounts each time I try the chart btw, would be interesting to know if the ability to perceive colors fluctuates, and what that depends on, or if it's simple a matter of focus.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Huh, toaster? Ahh, the collapse the game button, another useful finesse to override potential lag! I haven't used that one at all since the one time I was once (a long long time ago) in the middle of the game and decided to pause it. With that button. Little did I know it shut down the game entirely. For this purpose it'd have newfound potential!

  84. Doomroar
    Saturday Mar/7/2015

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Long story short, yes it would definitively change how many colors you can see.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Meaning you need to upgrade your PC, cause it's at toaster level, that's basic gaming lingo man... is like telling someone they are using a potato for a PC, but more polite, same message tho.
    That's a funny anecdote.

  85. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/7/2015

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Ah, but with a somewhat correctly calibrated computer screen, where all nuances are displayed, I don't think it'd make any difference in your ability to perceive the different nuances. Just because they're brighter, doesn't mean the spectrum of color you can perceive has increased, there'll still be a subtle shift between each one that certain people wouldn't be able to notice, brighter or darker - if I'm understanding the terminology correctly. I'm wondering if the test I linked to hasn't also factored in potential differences in screen calibration since there were no dark colors, and clear contrasts between each bar, none that'd 'disappear' if the screen isn't bright or dark enough.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    It's a language I haven't mastered yet man! :) I do have a gaming computer, but don't usually need all that extra juice. Before Unity, my regular computer would suffice for online games as well... and I have played a few amazing 3D concepts in Unity that didn't lag at all, so I'm assuming people just aren't programming things as they should. Maybe forgetting the local cache feature, IDK.
    Heh, at the time I'm sure it was all but funny!

  86. Doomroar
    Saturday Mar/7/2015

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Yes it makes a huge difference, if you have ever tried to edit an image, or play a game without a calibrated monitor you can see how colors that blended before and appeared as one and the same suddenly change after calibration, this by no means is limited to just brightness, i linked to the first part of the page but how color appears can be affected also by contrast, gamma range, white saturation, black level, etc. Which are all the others test that compose the page.

    RE: NG Nostalgia ’07-08
    Nope you have a clear case of "toaster user excuses".

  87. Doomroar
    Saturday Mar/7/2015

    Oh forgot to post this:

    Also forgot to add that if you have a male member in your family that is colorblind (lacks one out of the 3 cones) then your chances of being a tetrachromat increases, if you are a woman, interesting enough, colorblindness screws everyone the same...

    Again tetrachromacy is for women, and my friend you have a penis with testicles, your chances of being a tetrachomat are low as it gets, they are already low for women themselves.

  88. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/7/2015

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    Ah, bummer. :/ That article does seem believable. You didn't see more than 28 colors in that test though? Or was that a typo (38)?

  89. Doomroar
    Sunday Mar/8/2015

    RE: Homeopath or Psychopath?
    "BTW poor test because i was able to count way above 28"
    I saw way more than 28, so i stopped counting at that point because the test seemed pointless for me, i know i am not a tetrachromat so what was the point of continuing the other half of the gradient?

  90. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/8/2015

    Makes sense. As for the tetrachromat thing though, have you tested yourself elsewhere? Or assuming you aren't since it's so rare?

  91. Doomroar
    Tuesday Mar/10/2015

    I am male, i have no close or faraway relative with colorblindness, and as far as color detection goes i haven't noticed nothing above the ordinary, on the contrary i have myopia.

    The chances of me being a tetrachomat, even having a pseudo form of it, are so low, so damn low, that it is not worth even testing for, well but that goes for any other male human out there too.

  92. Cyber
    Tuesday Mar/10/2015

    Well if you did perceive more nuances of color than everyone else, there is no way to really compare your perception with those of everyone around you. If that's how you have always seen things, wouldn't it seem normal? It's not like you'd see colors that others don't see, just a richer spectrum of shades of those that already exist, and though it sounds great when we say it, I doubt the people who do realize they're seeing more than anyone else. I have myopia too btw, but that can be a product of bad practice as much as as it can be genetic, I don't see the potential link there.

    It doesn't sound likely indeed, but if you don't really know, you don't really know you know.

  93. Doomroar
    Wednesday Mar/11/2015

    The link is that i have worse eye gens than normal (both parents have myopia), when i was talking about the distinction of what colors we see i base my reference on normality on the time i worked on and had to do the usual training for it, of course PC monitors are not supposed to cover that spectrum of color shade that tetrachomats are supposed to see, oh and to top it as male i only would get access to a pseudo version of tetrochemy, which is more like a courtesy status, like getting some fresh paint from a wall in your hand and calling that a tattoo.

  94. Cyber
    Wednesday Mar/11/2015

    Oh, you worked with translations! Cool man. What does a cleaner do exactly? Sounds like proofreading..?

    Yeah, the computers-can't-show-the-full-spectrum thing kinda makes any digital experience fall flat, and even if you did see the full spectrum, I don't see how it'd make a difference in design. Only applicable scenario I can think of is exporting a gradient image with less compression because the shifts between gradients aren't precise enough... usually design uses solid colors, and web-safe goes a step further than eye-cone-safe, and Manga is all black and white isn't it? Well, anyway, computer monitor makes all such theorization meaningless. Mmm, maybe you brush your hand against an old wooden wall, and get splinters of paint all up in your skin and the paint is led-based so they get stuck there forever.

  95. Doomroar
    Thursday Mar/12/2015

    Mostly i delete dust marks from the scans, level up the black/white gradients, crop the image, remove the original text so the translated one can be applied, and redraw missing parts of the image, redrawing is actually the most hard because you have to imitate the style of the author and gamble if what is not there is actually what you are drawing now, joining double pages and color images are like the ultimate level of this.

    Oh i had to deal with color pages too, when i edited vol 2 of Genghis-kan (a joint work between Happyscans and Hox), i would have liked to have done the whole thing (the other volumes) but life got in the way.

    It would still not be a proper tattoo, anyway my point is that my chances of being a pseudo tetrachomat are as low as the condition is, specially because i am male and my near family doesn't shows any sing of colorblindness that could improve my chances, on the contrary that would increase my chances of being colorblind XD, and for me to be a real tetrachomat is near impossible, fair enough we can entertain the idea, what if my mom carried a mutagenic gen that developed recently, and it was actually passed on to me? it could happen just as it can happen that the sun implodes tomorrow, the thing is that the probability for those 2 events is so low is practically fantasy, however being strict about the topic, and putting personal opinion aside, yeah it could be, but chances are overwhelmingly low and if somehow am, then i would become the only known human(ape) male to be a tetrachomat.

  96. Cyber
    Thursday Mar/12/2015

    Ah, more work than it sounded like! And more work than I thought was involved in scanlations overall, I was under the impression all that needed to be wiped and replaced was the text. Actually sounds like even more work than a fansub... though of course there you have the timing as well, that probably requires some real precision. Did you work with any special program btw? Any tasks you could do in batch (like contrast levels)? And how often are parts actually missing from scans?

    That'd be something. :)

  97. Doomroar
    Friday Mar/13/2015

    CS4, the closest thing that could be done in batch may be cropping and leveling, however each page has their own levels so you can't really do it that way and hope it to end well, as for cropping if the scans are consistent you could do it, but since it all depends on the quality of the scans, which plays a huge role on it, setting predetermined canvases for the pages could end backfiring.

  98. Cyber
    Friday Mar/13/2015

    Ah, good insight. Were the scans custom btw, or were there sources to get those RAW, like with anime? And about those parts your had to re-draw, how common was that? Are we talking about small blotches of white where the scanner didn't do too well, or larger areas like an entire corner of a page?

  99. Doomroar
    Friday Mar/13/2015

    Legendary gambler Tetsuya was from a raw page, the rest i have touched was from custom scans scanned by the main guy at the group so they had better quality.

    Redraws from bad scans were actually rare for me, i only had to do 2 and they were for Tetsuya, those were because the scans were angled so the left side appeared blurry, it was easy to fix, in that aspect i have gotten lucky.
    The rest of the redraws happen because they have Japanese text over the image and that has to be deleted, since the original text was already covering the drawings they have to be redrawn, is that or plastering a big box on top and wrote on it (but that looks ugly and ends blocking even more of the drawings), that's the most common case of redraw.

  100. Cyber
    Friday Mar/13/2015


    Ah, makes sense. Good knowing. Can think of no further questions here. Suppose this may be the final comment on this one post with the record amount of probably both characters and comments thus far. Comment #100. Nice and even number. Have to write some more as to not make this one comment seem spectacularly superfluous and affirmative. At last... it's been a blast.

  101. Doomroar
    Sunday Mar/15/2015

    Pff C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER 101.

  102. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/15/2015


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