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Friday Night Funkin' WIP

Been thinking I should post more of this WIP type of stuff. Here's a little something I'm working on right now with the talented @Mabelma, meant to have it done by Pico Day but we're past that deadline now...

NFS UG Drifting

Been a while since I played Underground. Drifting was easy. :) Sorry about quality fuzz.

HIGH Drifting Scores

Worms Stats

Worms Stats

Statistics from Worms (Reloaded I think) from a few years back. I've played a lot of Worms, and installed/uninstalled a lot of times, tried a lot of versions, even the demo for Worms 3D (which sucked btw)... not sure which game this is from.

Happy Summer!

No updates till September, apart from the occasional blog.
Have a good one!

The Blog Just Moved

If you frequent the site I'd like to make you aware that the blog section no longer appears here on the main page. From now on this is the spot to check for updates and other notices. You'll have to click some buttons to find the content... unless the content is the update. ;) Big structural update underway, so if things don't always function right that's the reason.

UPD: Scratch that. Blog is back on main page.

How Are 2012 Workouts Working Out?

So what's happening? I thought I'd share with you all my exercise routine so far this new year. Then I finished thinking, so I wrote it down and posted it. Here you go. This is the plan 3-4 days a week:

- Boxing

And daily...

- Walking 30 min (x2)

And then some. But not really cause I think I'll be revising this plan momentarily...

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