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Lost In Hell

Lost In Hell

Haven't played this yet, but just got an honorable mention on the game page so here's the obligatory plug for it. :) I've been looking forward to this for some time though. It's free. 2D indie horror at its (hopefully) best!

Give it a shot if you have some time to spare. It's still in development but they're working through it fast, and it might not be free forever...

The Humble Covid Bundle

The Humble Covid Bundle

Hope you got this one. Was good. Posting a bit late (no I didn't). It's over.

GOG Symmetry Giveaway

Hey, speaking of giveaways...

GOG Got The...

...Giveaway Symmetry

...go get it. The latest Humble Bundle's worth checking out too.

Random Giveaway: Worms Revolution (2012)

Bought a Humble Bundle yesterday and it turns out I already had one of 'em. For tonight this game is on site. On Steam this time. Go get it!


Deflecting Meteors Again...

Time for some of this again, this time via the NG Player...


Read on...

Random GOG Giveaway: MDK (1997)

Maybe this could be a new thing? For tonight this game is on site.

First come first serve. ;) Redeem code here.

UPD: Aaand it's gone.

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