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This is pretty revolutionary isn't it? And what a coincidence: A week after NG launched their major userpage overhaul GOG introduces userpages!

You can set visibility for each part to Everyone, Friends, or Only You - parts which are so far a list of Friends, Games, and your Wishlist.

There aren't any superfluous fields there to fill out - just a little profile blurb if you like, and your avatar if you don't already have one (I didn't, as until now there was no reason to). It seems you can only see profiles if you log in, but feel free to friend me if you like - I'm not a public figure there.

One cool detail apart from finally being able to share games and wishlists with others - if you do such things, are the customizable backgrounds. The selection looks like this so far; with a nifty search box for titles:

GOG's New Background Image Selection

...but that's just a little peek! The full selection is pretty big.

In case you didn't open that image (or as a warning before you do) there's 380 choices. Quite something compared to NG's 5-6 background colors.

I'm not sure if loaded alternatives remain active, but toggling through different backgrounds trying to make a choice actually bogged down my browser so much I had to shut down the page - and open it again.

Hope they get that fixed. Also hope they add in some DOOM in their selection - because those legendary titles I was instantly hyped about being able to decorate my profile with were not there!!!!

Even though they do have the games.

This is pretty cool though. If you didn't have a reason to sign up for GOG earlier maybe this is reason enough? If you're into logging your game times and such this will let you do that too - via the GOG Galaxy client, and then boast to the world how much time you spend by the computer.

I don't think I'll be using that, but I do like the pages! Cool stuff GOG.

Renaine Again

Renaine Again

Renaine is back and awaiting backing! Go check it out.

I already posted about this the first time, so check that (<-) for further info... or click above. Hope it makes it this round. I'm set for a Chompy.

UPD: It made it this round! :D Fully funded within 70 hours no less, and already almost all the way through the stretch goals! Get ready to see some Cyberdevils chomping up in this game when it comes out...

The Room Game

The Room Game

They really switched it up this year!

Atari VCS!

Atari VCS

Seems like this thing's changing names! But more importantly: it's here.

GOG St. Patrick's Day Sale

GOG St. Patrick's Day Sale

There's always something. :) And yes I did buy a few. BG here.

The Nintendone Paper

Pure paper genius. XD If you're short on time the best part starts at 3:20. Considering how notorious the N guys are about copyright though I really hope this thing stays online! Name or no-name. Definite 10/10 though.

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