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Atari VCS!

Atari VCS

Seems like this thing's changing names! But more importantly: it's here.

GOG St. Patrick's Day Sale

GOG St. Patrick's Day Sale

There's always something. :) And yes I did buy a few. BG here.

The Nintendone Paper

Pure paper genius. XD If you're short on time the best part starts at 3:20. Considering how notorious the N guys are about copyright though I really hope this thing stays online! Name or no-name. Definite 10/10 though.

GOG Two Step

GOG Two Step

Was going to post this a long time ago... when it was new. But in case you didn't know it yet, here's another site that upgraded their user system security in the simplest/best possible way. You can never be too safe.

Hope it keeps spreading! Two Factor's awesome.

GOG's Chinese New Year Sale

GOG's Chinese New Year Sale

Seems like there's always some kind of party going on at GOG!

The Chinese New Year is coming up, and celebrations have started early with a giveaway. So here - if you want a free game now's your chance. :)

42 hours to go. Deals to follow. BG here.

RE: Deadly Silence

I brought one game up North the summer of 2016, saved for rainy days, and ended up playing it waaaay more than I was planning to! It's the remake of Resident Evil 1 for the DS (thus the suitable Deadly Silence acronym thing). Here's a little log of my attempts and successes while journeying through the game, in order:

  1. Jill (Classic) - Stuck on 'Doom books'. Check... ohhh!! After that no problems.
  2. Jill (Rebirth) - ...did I even complete this?
  3. Chris (Rebirth) - Quick attempt. HARD!
  4. Jill (Classic again) - Piece of cake this time.
  5. Chris (Rebirth again) - Not so difficult either. Plenty of ammo at end.
    -- Bug on final fight. Helicopter cutscene instead of character view while battle ongoing
    -- Much more intense! Better voicing, sparser ammo; challengingly small inventory. Once I've played past Jill going back feels too easy.
    -- Final 'explosion' freezes before final cutscene.
  6. Chris (Rebirth again) - Special Key?
  7. Chris (Classic, went quicker) - Special Key and Rocket Launcher!
  8. Chris (Classic with RL) - less than 2h.
  9. Chris (Rebirth again) - Thought I'd get the RL, but... took more than 3h!
  10. Jill (Classic again) - Waited for Benny; explored alternate ends. I've seen them all now! Less than 2h, special key + RL.

So that's that! Ten times huh. Nice and even numbers.

Some other notes and impressions jotted down while playing the game:

Read on...

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