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Little Gray Banner

Something I threw together this morning, simple loop. Download both the flash file and source below if you're interested:

Download “32 Wads - Pack 25” – Downloaded 119 times – 4 MB

Venture 7, Simple Flash Rpg, Sideline Project

Started working on a simple RPG in flash yesterday, a simple click and explore, probably even simpler than you think it'll be. So far, this is what it looks like. Play button is disabled, but if you really want to see the uncompleted introduction go ahead and right click > play. I'll be working on this every once in a while this month, and if everything goes as it should go, it'll be done in time for Christmas (why Christmas? just seemed like a suitable deadline for the project). It'll be a big chunk of text and a little chunk of game play, just the way it's supposed to be. ;)

And yeah, I'll probably be changing that intro music.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling


A little something something nothing special I threw together. Pardon the lack of a play button, it is recommended you turn of your speakers if this sound annoys you .... or just right click and "pause", or you might not be able to navigate the site in peace. ;) I might make something similar with a bit more detail to the numbers, idea is good, but it's a bit stale as it is now.

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Start Of Something Maybe

Hmm, quick under construction stuff.

MP99 - Final (ALT)

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