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Current happens, recording a shitload of material for the Project Jenkees Project. Been recording last night, from early morning today until night and then some more now as night falls. If I didn't know better I'd say I'm getting a cold, cause my throat starts feeling a big sore, hehe. Stopped recording for the day, I've put out notices for a few books (university) I'm trying to sell, and I'll be studying for a couple of hours before I go to bed, hopefully I can get the two first and latest assignments done and hand them in, deadline passed yesterday.

I just received three packages in the post this morning. One with four GBC games - Blade (good intro, after that it's just kick + punch, alternatively aim + shoot, all the way, decent graphics, no fun) , Driver (lots o missions, three big cities to drive in, mini-games too, this was the only good game in the package), Something-FX (space shooter, can't recall the name, monotonous & boring) & Rampage-Something (game where you run around a dinosaur blasting helicopters and stomping buildings to the ground). One with a GBA wormlight, link cable and earphones, not that I need the earphones or the wormlight, nor do I need the link cable - I already bought two by mistake. The last package contained the GBA game F-Zero GX, I had high hopes for it, but it pretty much failed me. Racing games other than Mario Cart just don't seem to be any fun on the GBA. The packages all have in common that I put bids on them online, Pokemon Chrystal should be coming tomorrow too, and an old Monopoly game. It really isn't that cheap buying stuff online anymore though, sure, it's cheaper than buying stuff new, but you'll find things way waaaay cheaper nearby at garage-sales or similar. All of this stuff come today and tomorrow cost me about $30 total. I ordered a new camera too, need one, and as you know my old one broke, that and two silly stress balls. Soon I can even post pics of stuff I buy, woo.

Other? Been jogging, eating, sleeping, sorting things, browsing. Yesterday my buddy Andreas came over to try out three new Monopoly clones I bought (not online, they didn't cost me more than $4 total), one of them called Finance turned out to be a hit, the other two so-so. Last one lasted a rough 4-5 hours, and I didn't win! :/ My words run out now, see you sometime.

Project Jenkees - New Album!

Project Jenkees is a mixup between Ronald Jenkees music and my voice/text. Everything you hear is written especially for this project, all song texts and vocals are mine, all electronic music is Ronald's, everything is mixed together with Audacity. The mic used is a DM-S468 – Professional Pure Vocal Microphone, pretty good stuff. Shame I recorded everything sitting in front of my computer with the hard-drives sizzling in the background though.

Project Jenkees is an experimental work of art, a try at making lyrics for music not originally meant to have lyrics. Original tracks are taken from the two albums Derty (2007) and Disorganized fun (2009), both only musical – apart from the last two tracks, and have been modified only slightly in terms of title and content. Recording is being done during the last week of September, 2009, now. Not all tracks are complete yet, but you can listen to the ones that are over here. Enjoy!

Ratings - A Quick Study

It's been exactly one year since I put up the ratings feature here. So is it actually used? Who uses is? How much? For the curious ones, this is how it looks at the moment :

Total Users Voted: 829
Total Score: 243
Total Average: 4.93
Highest Rated: Popup Jukebox

Of course this means that my site contains only supreme content, and that you should really go check out that Popup Jukebox now. How do you rate this post? ;)

#272 Pebbleheads

In river beds they lie
The oyster shells, the crabs, the stones
The pebbles that hang out
By algae overgrown

Friends better than others
Together in all weather
They leave each other - maybe
To search for someplace better

In a dussin years
Or two dussin, or three
Or maybe four, or maybe five
Or maybe a century

They have no rush, they have strong bonds
They lie beyond the world we know
On the bottom of my pond
I see them sing, sparkle & glow

They take no air
They take no space
They seldom rise
To our surface

They're always there
They never chase
Destinies, dreams, nightmares
Like us humans

Alive or dead
They don't take steps
They tackle life
In silence

Without motion
Or means of violence
They still live
Behind us

Unlike us humans
Below our feet
They don't complain
They don't retreat

The pebbleheads
The supreme elite
Maybe we should all dig down
And learn from the pebbles that define, our ground

#271 World We De-light

Our world is vivid
It's clean, like a lightbulb
It breaks at times
It heals if we fix it
It shines when we light it
But cobwebs gather
If it hasn't been lit
And spiders crawl
Upon it's surface
They wear down it's blank, polished, glass
The dust settles
The spiders scuttle
The lightbulb swings when flies let their wrath
Out on the cobwebs it holds
And the lightbulb ages
The light grows old
No one to replace it
Or light it
And make it shine
Like gold

It is a shame
That in the dark
We do remain

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