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2015¤354 (Blow Me)

So blow me home, oh sail in my wind
Blow me home, blow me, blow me, blow me home
Is it a crime
Is it a crime
Is it a crime
Is it a crime

It's a yell for help
But if you mean well yeah you've gotta help yourself
You can't trust in nobody else
Society tells you gotta aim for for the depth of wealth
And take care of your health, nobody'll do it for you
Take care of yourself so one day there may be more you's
To share of your wealth, and to take care of your health
That's life, and if you get a divorced than it's hell
I haven't had one, but I've had my head spun
I've had a white and a blue and a red tongue
And I've been glued to the bed when the doubt in my head
Boiled up and gave my migraines to cloud what I felt
I always dealt with the hardships but it took time
And I'm like "time's always taking a chunk of mine!"
So I write a line to show it's alright this time
Tell the world that life's a fight but it's fine I'm fighting mine
There aint no subliminal message in this text
Tomorrow may be gold or there may be only shit next
You won't always get what you expect like rich sex
Life will vex you perplex you it's a bitch and leave you stressed and messed


I should have written this ages back but time it passed
Now I'm sitting here waiting for something that won't come
Do I feel dumb? Do I feel betrayed do I feel outplayed?
Of them none, I feel saved from the effort so

F all you fools you don't stall who take the first train
And vanish in a curtain of mist
Least all you fools don't fall again but can you climb up
I question my love for the world

Patrolling the outskirts of nowhere central
Think I got my ID on the lose I'm confused
Maybe they can identify me by dental
Meh, what's the use...

Archive Donations

$1,000,000!, that site that saves a billion webpages every week, to which you can go whenever you want to find a cached copy of some site you've been to, that site's following suite and opening for public donations. You can donate here if you like. They're up at 1,2m since I took the screencap above, so maybe they'll actually reach their goal, as gigantic as it may seem! It is, after all, a gigantic project.

An honorable one as such deserves a plug too. I just hope they don't go the same way Wikipedia did, and start getting greedy with how much money they need and how they use it. I always get suspicious when grand renovations are underway and donations open up at the same time! But this is definitely a service I use and cherish, maybe even more so than that aforementioned encyclopedia of user-contributed knowledge. Here's to another decade and stuff! And on note of helping out: Stop TTIP. Give it a Google. Do something. It'd be a small victory in the bigger scheme of things, what with all similar abbreviations the corporations to camouflage their heinous plans of world domination, but it might be that one that changes history. Get to it!


Are you scared?
You're just a little Chinese crook
Can't see clear?
Theres a mirror over there, look

Aint prepared?
Well guess what - I don't book


Casual lack of concern; indifference.

Heard a rare word today! Useful.

Cyberdevil Go

Everywhere I go I see Cyberdevil yo!
Snapping the stats, capping the hit-hats
Breaking the bats, cleaning up crip crap
Whats up with that, whats up with this mad
Madness. And when is the chat, radness

Arriving. But I'm still going, surviving,
Striving for all number ones!
Yeah. I'm still alive and jiving.
Getting my work done tons!

Everyday in many ways
Slaying foes in games I play
I'ma stop this without delay!

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