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Sucks If You Only Use Mastercard

GOG/VISA Children Of Morta Offer

GOG got something going on again... oh also Black Friday/Weekend/Sales pitch. Starting to get a bit heavy with the GOG promos here again but one last time now: Get some.


Flipsampler Hype

I don't even have an iPhone but for the first time ever I am somewhat thinking about getting one. Let's see how much this gets priced at first...

Sharpytown's Cyberdevil

Sharpytown's Cyberdevil With Smoke!

Got a new commission yesterday, a @Sharpytown take on my alias/that classic DOOM critter y'all already know. :) Thank ya! Go check her out if you want some done, prices do be affordable.

Clean version here.

Once You Understand The Way Broadly...

Once you understand the way broadly you can see it in all things.

Somewhat paraphrased, possibly.

Heard this via a podcast. At the time it seemed like the wisest thing ever.

Posting this I see that it may require further context for the meaning to truly bridge the void of understanding.

Think life. The way. Obstacles. Mastery. Hardship. Highways. Lanes. Sunsets. The curvature of Earth.

Actually just go listen to some podcasts and you'll get this better.

Nomind #27 - The Lively Ruffle

Damn man... got a lot of shit on my brain.
Go ham and... plow through it till my eulogy!
Handstand... on the bridge like I truly feel!
Like I can fly! But can you be free?

I don't know... if I live the life or if I'm waiting.
To go... I'm always a thinking and contemplating.
My woe... doesn't know no end but when I'm pacing
The train station. Waiting for friends or foes or bros.

Or both. But not triple that'd be a dip down.
In my life. I'm already six in this ground.
Like John Wick, in his garden with the two girls,
Have you heard off Knock Knock? Well it's superb.

I've just gotta end this cause I have befriended,
Great people on NG and they got me working late.
Got me playing videogames, testing games I mean.
Man! Can't this shit take a break?

I thought Inktober was hectic! But there's no exit!
The bullshit goes on... just like Brexit!
But I'm not complaining really. I'm quite inspired.
I like to write a while too but I just feel too tired.

Trifle dues. Strife and juice. Light the fuse. Let's go BOOM.
Like the First Over Inktober but no no no Toon Boom.
Flash ain't dead. #Ruffle
Gotta live it up! Let's go kerfuffle.

Nomind #27 - The Lively Ruffle (1:10)


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