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Fairy Tail Rules

I've been watching Fairy Tail a bit, I'm now up at episode 63, and I've been thinking about how some traits of the series keep repeating themselves. The series has an odd way of repeating events or actions through different characters, especially in the final fights. The series rules, but there's a set of rules this series seems to follow:

  • Foes always stand up one final time to fire off a final attack, especially after it is believed they have been defeated. Usually this final attack doesn't work anyway, and they fall back down. It's as if this goes to show that the good guys still aren't strong enough; that the foes are defeated by their own weakness and not the good guys strength.
  • Fairy Tail (the guild) is usually taken to the verge of defeat in the big battles, before they once again rise up and show their true potential. I suppose this is done to raise suspense, and it does, but it also makes the story all the more predictable.
  • Foes always seem to have a hopeless advantage before either a weakness about them is revealed or the opponent suddenly gains unnatural strength. Again, wouldn't be as exiting if they didn't, but it still opens to predictability.
  • Characters you thought got killed off appear again, usually with personalities in high contrast to how you perceived them at the beginning. For example, if they're bad at first, they're good the next time you see them.
  • The good guys always have to go down at least once when facing a strong opponent before they start to fight for real and defeat them. Exceptions being those who use Stellar spirits, in which case the spirits usually go down in their place. Thinking about Lucy here.
  • Even when the good guys are completely powerless, they somehow gain a whole lot of power and miraculously reverse the battle.
  • Natsu just can't lose.

Those seem to be rules of the series. In the long run, up until now that is, these repetitions serve to make the series a bit too predictable. I suppose I didn't notice how everything always goes at the beginning, because somehow everything in this series happens faster than it does in other anime, but now that I've watched until this point everything is clear. Of course surprise enemies always turn up, and revelations lead to clarity on a whole different level, but as for the fights themselves, they can't get more predictable than they already are. I suppose the unpredictability lies outside the fight, or after the fight, or in personality changes during the fight. Words also have a much bigger impact than weapons, will is much stronger than skill and Natsu just can't be defeated. Fairy Tail Rules.

Fairy Tail 68

I was looking forward to a happy end, but this episode is just tragic. Maybe it will come, the happy ending, who knows. For now you better brace yourself for a tearful experience. At least if you watch the series. I read the title of the episode, A Guild For The Sake Of A Single Person, and I expected Gerard to be saved. It starts with him being taken away.

Gerard Is Taken Away


Fairy Tail 67

Natsu's Rage


Fairy Tail 66

Not much to say in this episode. Everybody is busy destroying lacrima pillars to cut off Nirvana's flow of magical power. Lucy doesn't have any strength left, but then Gemeni appears and offers to help. Angel's stellar spirit, if you remember? Only Natsu is fighting; Gerard steps in and lends Natsu his flames of rebuke. That's why he threw fire at Natsu in the first place. So he is turning good after all! Let the battle rage. :)

Natsu Ablaze


Fairy Tail 65

Cait Shelter Awaiting Their Doom

Nirvana has arrived. The brave people at Cait Shelter await their fate.


Fairy Tail 64

Midnight Blasted Away

Finally, midnight is blasted away! How so?


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