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GOG Summer Sale

/img/4/GOG-Summer-Sale.jpg">GOG Summer Sale

It's that time of the year again, this time with captivating accomplishments to lure you in. It's new bundles each day! Buy some and get some EXP. Get some EXP and get some extra games.

They also recently introduced new currencies, and two-factor security (at least I just noticed it), and last but not least, the ability to connect both Steam and GOG game libraries! As always there's plenty going on around there, and always plenty of games - more than I'll ever have time to play. I haven't bought any in a while now, but I think I might've been suckered in by this one. Here's the obligatory link.

GOG Bundleopolis Sales End

GOG Bundleopolis Sales

Feels like I'm giving this one campaign too much space here, but JSYK it's over. Also looks like I had /img/4/Another-Missed-GOG-Thing.png">one more of these I forgot to post about earlier. Last year.

GOG Bundleopolis Sales

GOG Bundleopolis Sales

Oh hey, GOG are having a thing /img/4/The-Sleep-Insomnia-Sale-I-Forgot-To-Post-About.png">again! It's a bundle of bundles. I probably won't buy any, but it's become a habit to post about these things. Check it out if you feel like checking out with some games!

GOG's Big Winter Sale

GOG's Big Winter Sale

A jocund flame swallows up the cold, cold streams of outside air. The holidays are coming, and everyone begins to feel a little more generous, a little more kind, and a little bit giddy. We're feeling it too, because this time around, winter came to before it was cool...

...and so it begins! GOG's grand winter sale, conveniently timed for the most coldest, darkest, most depressing time of the year when you are at most in need of new pastimes, or if not, maybe just that accomplishing sense of material ownership that comes with owning said titles.

Basically, this is the best time of the year to sell! And the worst time to buy. I can't recall if there's been a winter sale like this before, but so far I am enjoying it. Maybe a bit too much.

As a very basic attempt at keeping at least you from buying things you don't need, and since their Fall has just barely passed, I won't post a link this time. But JSYK: It's on.

GOG's Big Fall Finale

GOG 's Big Fall Final

GOG's Big Fall Sale is almost over for the year! 20 hours to go; here's one last reminder. As always, I spent a bit more than I planned to... though not nearly as much as last time this thing went down. Yes I did get those bonus games. :) Till next year; whatever grand games are for sale then!

GOG’s Big Fall Sale Ending

The Daily Deals Today

This thing is just about to blow over, but if you missed any deals (apart from the flash deals and that free Witchers 2 game) they're all up for grabs one final day. Today. Over here.

As always I spent more on this event than I expected to spend... considering I wasn't planning on buying anything. But whaddayaknow, there are still games I'd like to play someday that I don't already own! Attainable for a cheap price to boot! There was just no other alternative.

Witchers 2! Yeah! Woo!

Aaand I did collect stamps all week to gain this much appreciated bonus. :) Witchers 2! Along with my first and probably last attained flick from their recently introduced movies section. I don't really see the appeal in watching gamers speak about games, or watch others play games, or speak about playing games. Though there are probably some pretty entertaining documentaries too.

Anyway, a little bug popped up the second day, preventing everybody from getting the new stamp unless they logged out and back in again. I wonder how many didn't read that forum post? I wonder how many wrote to support and had their stamp manually added? I wonder if the issue was taken care of quickly or if it was never fixed, but worked fine all other days... I wonder when next big sale is coming up! :D

Better get ready to Spring into action.

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