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Sunday Recap - Sprain & Kneecap

Getting back to these Sunday posts a bit. Not next Sunday though, then I'll be on a mountain, hopefully. Probably not skiing because of that inconspicuous sprain though.

As for my kneecap: there's nothing wrong with it! I'm just continually reminded now of this old thing.

It's interesting how injuries linger, both in mind and body. I'm not sure I've ever sprained my right foot, but I have sprained my left one at least three times now, and my right knee does still swell up a little occasionally. Cumulative burdens on the body - but you can get better! Exercise right. Eat right. Sleep nights. Yeah. Instill in yourself a will to street fight.

I had my voice used for a little anti-piracy thing recently, that was cool. :) Can't share it yet, I'll get back to it in time. May not be totally in line with my personal stance on piracy - or rather on how digital piracy isn't really 'piracy', on the potential positively world-altering benefits of a share-and-share-alike culture that permeates all, in the ideal kind of world we could be building if we weren't as focused on an ownership that in the long run means nothing at all. But it's still fun to be included. /irrelevant rant

I also had one my Inktober audio tracks including in a fun little animation on teh Grounds - I can share that! And I've jumped on one more project, TBA, TBC, two ongoing ones in the pipeline before it!

Am feeling the stress but making progress every day now too... just need to stop resorting to a game of Advance Wars every night to wind down. Could add in another hour at least on that creativity side-hustle schedule and gradually stress down by means of even speedier progress instead, and rest properly.

My ankle sprain almost disrupted everything momentarily, but it's getting better I think. The foot's still swollen. It's bruised and big, purple and puffy, but for the most part it feels alright. Still hard to keep it in a painless position when I'm in bed though, and it swells up a bit towards the end of each day. Wearing shoes is an issue. I wonder if I'll need to remove my shoes on the ~8 hour train to Åre, the departure date's closing in fast and I'm not in an ideal state for it yet. Shorter office trip this Tuesday shall work as a trial for further travel.

We've celebrated Easter on three occasions anyhow - with guests and games yesterday, with a family egg hunt today, and with a quick outing by a lake this Thursday. I grilled sandwiches and stuff; it went well! Ought do that more often. Be out in nature too. It softens. It makes stress seem less, it's like the best precaution.

And here's an irrelevant but awesome sketch starring a bundle of Hip-Hop OG's I'd never have expected to see in the same frame, or in this kind of content in the first place... nice to see Snoop and Em are on good terms too - good enough to star in the same skit at least. And that Eminem goes last even here. :)

Joe Rogan's back on YouTube too! I've moved on to a few other possibly much much better podcasts since he went Spotify exclusive a few years back, but I couldn't keep from watching a couple of the newest episodes anyway... he interviews Zack Snyder for one, that was cool.

I'm reminded again of how impressive a conversationalist he really is. He makes it seem so easy. Compared to other pods there's a captivating sense of calm to his episodes, and I believe a large part of that is thanks to how well he keeps conversation flowing. But doesn't rush it, either. He steps in when necessary. He lets the guest talk when not. He's not afraid to ask silly questions, or show vulnerability, or share his personal opinions and views, but most importantly he never stalls. Never loses the red thread that ties it all together. Each episode is a masterclass in socializing, and I hope I'm picking up some skills just listening.

If I just watch another thousand episodes or so maybe the essence of conversation will become almost instinctual to me too...

That Dublin trip btw? It went well! I rid myself of the cold in record time, though was feeling sluggish again after the trip. Maybe the cold stuck around under the surface. Felt like I was on the verge of catching it a while later too, but at least the trip went great. Felt nothing. It's almost enough to make you believe in miracles. Pictures... probably not in a foreseeable future, but I do plan on more travel blogs. Would be fun. Requires a bit more time and effort.

Played a fair share of WWP before that trip - distracting myself from dues I should've been working on already at that point - which I'm really working on now! I'll catch up.

Collabs are going well, have a few random glimpses of the first of three.

First of three what? What was I thinking there... was I planning to post two more of these? Oh first of the three upcoming collabos. Right. TBC.

Have you heard about Tucker Carlson's Putin interview? It's a big thing, but his podcast with Lex Friedman where he speaks about that interview is maybe all the more interesting. Worth a listen.

Toodles! Happy Easter too ya poodle woo.

Ken Block's GYMKHANA TEN: The Ultimate Tire Slaying Tour

Heeey it's Luleå! :D The first set - there's more than one. Though the views are winter they're easily recognizable, and though they're all winter they make me look forward to this summer all the more too... little cameo with a Swedish drifter too! This is probably the best drift video I've ever seen, and not just because of the location, that was a fun surprise...

RIP Ken Block! Though his era's over his daughter seems to be carrying the reins and reign now, and I still have quite a few of these left to enjoy. And to inspire subtle summer drifting. He really was a beast with the precision.

Fallout At The Movies!

I got into the Fallout games again just recently (first experience was so so), but they've been around a looong time! This time I enjoyed 'em, and I've grown to appreciate the depth of lore that's associated with them too. And how flexible the world is. How countless the opportunities that present themselves really are. So I'm hyped for this!

Though cautiously optimistic too. The trailer's promising, but with a game that consists of so countless opportunities, I wonder how things will play out in a so much more linear, and comparatively short-form media form. Hollywood rarely does a good game justice too...

Hope this one's an exception.

We Were Young

We're still young though! Never too late to change the world.

On Productivity

I need to write a bit.

On productivity, and the work process as I currently perceive it, as to maybe better understand and come to terms with how to properly tackle tasks at hand.

These are the fundementals, as I understand them:

If you like what you're doing, then it's easier to do.

If you know what you're doing, then you feel like you're in control.

If you feel like you're in control, then you don't get stressed so easily. Even with deadlines. Then you know how long you need. Then you know what the next step is. Then you can plan ahead and be proficient, and the sense of control will lead you onwards, and even if you don't like the task at hand you probably like the feeling that being in control of that task entails.

If you just get started with said task, stress levels at least temporarily dissipate too, whether you feel like you're in control or no. Until you stop, at which point you will probably re-evaluate your progress, and if you then don't feel in control possibly also re-establish earlier levels of stress.

If you don't get started in the first place, you probably don't know what you're doing. And if you know you don't know what you're doing, you get stressed. If you're uncertain, you'll probably leave the task be as long as possible, since starting said task may make it clear how little you know.

But if you have deadlines you have to eventually get started, and when you do get started, then all of this will hopefully fall into place, and you'll come to terms with the terms of the assignment; you'll know if you're stressed and no; in control or no; go with ebb and flow.

It's complex innit? It's not really. But for some reason - whether I feel like I know what I'm doing or no - it's just so hard to start in the first place!

Like today. Early morning. I woke up two hours ago. I could've started almost two hours ago. For almost half an hour I formulated a response to a longer online interaction. Sensitive topic. For another half an hour I started loading up podcasts and starting to get started. But I got sidetracked with email, and realized I have four movie tickets that expire soon. I put two of them on online auction. I plan to use two of them before they expire. I would've normally used all four, but the deadline for this particular game I should be working on right now is creeping up fast, and I'll be gone a week in April, so I currently have no time to spare on spontaneous cinema sessions in the city.

If I watch a movie after work on one of the Mondays I commute to the office before the tickets expire that's OK. Or two movies on two work days. If I do get a spot on the taste-testing session this coming Wednesday I could probably fit in a movie then. If I just take the commuter train into Stockholm to watch a movie or two it feels like I'd be wasting too much time though, so best bet sell away at least a couple, and I can rest yes... okay now I'm just dragging out the inevitable again.

I need to work on the game y'all. The game.

It is going alright. I'm making progress. I'm moving onward. FBF animation takes a lot of time, and I question whether I really need to be as detailed with my drawings as I currently am. I was focused yesterday. Spent maybe ten hours with my tablet. Listened to pods, prodded the pen, got it again.

I woke up later then, but started right away, so the two extra hours I had at my disposal today made no difference after all. I probably woke up earlier today since I didn't make as much noticeable progress yesterday as I hoped - despite the time spent on said task, and stress levels are thus a little heightened. I realize this will take more time than I thought it would. The early morning today means I'll probably also tire quicker, so there's really little benefit to not sleeping until fully rested instead.

I thought I might be catching a cold again yesterday too, which forced me to take it easier overall, but also enforced a sense of urgency, because you're reminded that no day is guaranteed, and that I'd thus best make the most of the days when I'm capable of doing things, but today... no cold after all? Not sure. Best not push it. I have no time for colds. Avoid sugar. Chew some cloves. Take some vitamins. Eat good. Get fresh air in moderation. Grind on. Get better rest tonight.

My nephew first introduced me to this theory of stress-inducing uncertainty during our recent joint design gig in Östersund. That if you know what you're doing: you don't get stressed so easily. And it's true. For a lot of projects I partake in I have no idea what I'm doing - or at least not enough to know if I'm capable of doing them well. How long it'll take. How much I need to learn. The exact steps you'll take to get to the finish. And so stress does build, but kind of like Dustin Piorier said: I don't want less stress, I just want to handle it better.

It's when I stress more that I learn what I'm capable of. And when I can discipline myself. When I'm forced into better routines and habits. When I get up earlier, and to bed earlier, and eat better, and exercise more. When it becomes a necessity to stay focused and in optimal shape not just during a short period of time but for a foreseeable future - when you have a goal you're continually striving towards personal betterment becomes essential.

And though we do spend way too much time on social media these days, just waning away, withering in oblivious self-affirming conversations and insistent, never-ending interactions - like I feel I did this morning - I don't want to spend less time on social media either. I want to spend more, because it's part of the purpose. Part of the cure. Part of the ardor. In part the reward.

Is that denial though? Is that short-term reward receptors winning over the prospect of long-term progress? Or is it just a part of reality in this day and age; a necessary form of interaction if you want fans and followers, and some kind of reach with your work. All the pros do it too. They may outsource; they may have others who manage their interactions for them, when they grow too extensive to handle personally, but they all do social media... and they manage the task at hand.

So there is a possibility to have proper balance. There is potential to control this machine of media and constant content consumerism, and the way you interact with it. Maybe when I learn to control that, then I'll shed a fair share of this task-related stress also...

Or I just really need to simplify my style. Effectivize the way I do things, not just with interactions but with ink and action also. It's all slow.

But practice makes perfect, just call @Fro.

In parting: I'll leave y'all with this inspiring little impromptu rap collab. Harry Mack y'all!

I've been testing my freestyle capabilities too, but to do so in public, together with an idol like that, with the one and only Harry Mack... that requires some serious getting out of your comfort zone confidence. And Vision doesn't even seem phased by it... seems he's in control. No stress just adapt - adept with flow - mic skill in the game, killing it man.

Later. I need to fill some frames.

Steve Guse Health Advice

Stumbled upon a pretty good cheat sheet for better health in a random YT comment section recently, hope Steve doesn't mind the sharing...

1. Walk barefoot. Studies prove it. You are fatigued because you lack ENERGY. We are electric beings and the earth has a grounded charge. We evolved this way. It is vital we connect. To every cell in your body. Minimum 15 minutes a day, but longer the better. Sand, dirt, rock, cement are best. No asphalt, not sure about grass. More conductivity when wet. The effects are immediate but you likely won't "feel" it until the following morning. Keep at it a few days and you'll never turn back. Energy like a kid again. No shit.

2. Sun. Even better while grounded. Get some color.

3. Never eat past 6 pm. Very lightly if you must.

4. Meditate daily. Find the time. Everything about you improves with a relaxed mind.

5. Breathework before bed. 5 minutes is enough. I do 3 rounds of "breathe of fire"

6. Remove sugar almost completely from your diet. Sugar is a drug and you are likely a junkie. It won't be easy. After you push through withdrawal (yes) which may take 2 weeks to a month the "false"energy you received from sugar will be replaced by "golden" energy. Like when you were a kid. You won't want to go back. Although, cravings will still rear up..have fruit ready.

7. Limit EMF exposure. Grounding combats this very effectively. NEVER sleep with a cell in your room. Absolutely no Bluetooth headphones. Less time around electronics the better. Get outside.

8. Fasting. Late breakfast early supper. Most yogis eat once a day and live to 100 with high energy. Every so often mix in a legit fast. I like 24- 36 hours. Past that I lose muscle but everyone is different.

Source (see comments).

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