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Seven Nation Army

Just some devices with eye sticks for great entertainment. :) And surprising musical capabilities too...

The One Thing They CAN'T Control Will Set Us Free

Never mind the clickbait title! David Icke's just onto some good shit again.

Studio 666

I've done run out of time this week! Seems I'll be missing the planned dosage of weekend reviews, but here's at least a trailer for one I'm very much looking forward to. Stumbled upon at random.

Who knew Foo Fighters were making a movie! Who knew Dave Grohl would come this far! Who knew the legacy of Nirvana would live on not only in itself and grunge forever, but too in this one awesome dude/band who just seems abrim both with benevolence and creativity!

And who seem to have an awesome sense of humor. The trailer has me thinking of Tucker and Dale vs Evil a bit, and if it's anywhere near as good as that...

Can't wait to see this. Be def (as in awesome); see y'all next weekend.

Out Of Touch


The Song Of The Golden Dragon

Now this man can play. Self-composed. Self-imposed. Well-engrossed.

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