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Musicalish #291

More music? More quarantine edition. Though just a hundred this time.



One last time, and none better than now when spring's finally strolling in...

The Secret History Of The Moon

A bit closer, a bit further away. Like our little guardian angel, keeping us safe... and now NASA want to build a moonbase.

I really wonder about the implications our actions will have on life as we know it. If our strife to journey off into space and find a new home will be the death of our current one. There's so much we've yet to learn, and yet we're taking steps maybe we shouldn't take before we do.

A Day With Wim, 1998

This dude's just fascinating. The tale of someone who really overcame tragedy; found a new path. A real role model.

Just started following his guided breathing exercise here too. It's good stuff! Give it a chance if you can, and don't stress about the pace, you don't need to exhale completely. Get into the rhythm. Focus. Feel at peace.

That Slum Life

Yelawolf starting a movement and a documentary! Who would've known.

The David Icke Corona Interview That YouTube Banned

So YT deleted this video, and then they banned all conspiracy theory videos falsely linking coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks (source). Does that mean it's not false after all? What other reason could they possibly have to hide it. If it was easy to debunk, why not open for debate and do so instead?

Judge for yourself though. I haven't fact-checked, but whether this is true or not it's sickening to see how far our freedom of speech has deteriorated, how much the Internet - once a bastion of free thinking - is being supervised, and how much of a big brother society we're living in already, where opposition for the establishment is silenced, and views that don't favor a sanctioned corporate agenda are called misinformation.

Whatever happened to precautionary practices? If people are scared, then why not spend a few years on rigorous testing of potential biological side-effects first? If some people don't want 5G then why still force it on them? Since when did business take precedence over our happiness and content?

5G or no, our freedoms are being evoked at an alarming pace lately.

Seems we need alternative media sources more than ever now, if not for undeniable truth, then at least for the full spectrum of theories and ideas that are out there. There's no progress if not popular nor unpopular opinions and beliefs are challenged, and more importantly no true freedom if we don't at least have a way to have our say, and chime in on what we disagree with. Speak. Have a debate. And settle things like civilized people.

Stay safe, but stay skeptical.

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