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The Secret To Life By Another Bob

A Bob sure does know some stuff, and contemplate some stuff, probably thereby in time growing to know that stuff which you might find unusually enlightening and have potentially permenantly alter your perspective of personality, ambition and life, like this little bit right here...

Where I've Been By The Way

Up North! Two trips at four and six days apiece. I drove a thousand kilometers and flew back and fourth and back again and now I'm back to catching up and doin' all but nappin' in...

Shall hopefully post a bit more before it's summer for real. Two weeks.

Irrelevant but here's a cool cause to potentially help fund, this place serves REALLY GOOD LUNCH and if you ever wondered if EV's grow on trees (?)... they don't, but in fields, apparently. And here's what I'm playing right now.

Stay crunchy y'all.

Water Worlds

Even our own oceans are full of alien life, just imagine...


He's a living legend and inspiration this dude. :) Wasn't expecting a documentary but I'm looking forward to it! Also - even though the trailer may be bland and compromising - this one.


Samurai stopmotion, abrim with special effects and a soundtrack kinda like Samurai Champloo - and steampunk-style tech that reminds of Tetsuo or Gundam... intriguing!

May never become a full-feature film or franchise but: here's hoping!

Tradition Is Peer Pressure...

Tradition is peer pressure from dead people.

From the latest (at least it was when I first heard this quote) Hot Ones episode.

It's got some gems!

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