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The World God Only Knows 9

Time for the next person of focus! This time it's a young girl buried in books. Well, not literally buried yet, we'll get to that in the next episode. Captions follow.

At The Library


The World God Only Knows 8

In this episode our friendly death god tries baking a cake. It starts with a fifteen eyed pie though, but things quickly escalate to unhandalable proportions before the end of the episode. Images without captions below, as always.

Partially Veiled Beauty Showering


The World God Only Knows 7

Final episode on the idol girl arch.

City Lights


One Piece 123

Drops Of Water


One Piece 122

Zoro & Sanji


One Piece 121

I don't know why I feel like saying town square. Maybe it's because cities don't have the same squares towns do, but Arabasta is certainly not a town. Especially considering the one million or so people in it fighting for freedom, both sides for the best of the country. Kinda like things are in the world nowadays. So here's a picture of the city square.

The City Square


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