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Heart Of The Dragon (1985)

Heart Of The Dragon (1985)

HOTD, you know what that stands for? That grungy fast-paced two-player shooter from the 90s - House Of The Dead, you say? Nah, what are you thinking, it's Heart Of The Dragon of course! A classic martial arts movie with Jackie Chan in it! (more…)

One Piece All Over Again

The more I watch One Piece, and the more other anime I watch, the clearer it is. One Piece is in a completely different dimension, it's the island in the ocean of other anime, it's the mountain that spirals way higher than all of the surrounding peaks - it's really really special.

I recently started watching through the old episodes. From the very beginning. I wasn't planning on watching through the episodes in such a haste, but what can I say, I became addicted, just like the first time I watched them. I found myself watching through at least twenty in a day, going through a whole arc (episode episode, plotwise) in a day, with not much time to write reviews.

So the question was, should I go back now and write detailed summaries for all the episodes I miss? Nah, don't think so, instead I took a few screenshots for each one and posted a very very brief summary, that's all you get people, sorry, I promise I'll pick up the pace in textual informing once we hit 100! Better than reading the reviews though, watch the series, it's great!! I watch the series on an episode to episode basis, but I never caught up on watching through the old episodes. I made it to a point, and then I thought, oh hell I'll just wait this out. So I have. Until I have time on my hands.



Just recently shocked myself on an electric socket. Unintentionally. I was routinely unplugging an external drive and I suppose I must've touched the metal part of the plug before it was out of the socket. Ouch. Won't be doing that again.

Since then I've noticed I'm a bit more careful than usual when unplugging (or inplugging) electrical devices... must be some kind of side-effect. Read about other people getting headaches and nausea and dizziness and all kinds of unpleasant aftereffects, all I got was a tingling sensation in a finger that lasted a few minutes. Lucky.

What Do You Call A Blog? Do You Call It Blog?

Now that I'm reorganizing the site a bit one of the primary decisions was to make the Blog a separate page. Sure, it's a major feature of the site, it's practically what the whole site revolves around nowadays, but that's only because lately I've only had time only to post a Blog now and then and make halfassed attempts at renovating the entire site that never made it very far. Not that I have any more time on my hands right now, I'm just trying to use it a bit more efficiently. It seems I'm moving away from the point of this post though. The fact is this site is a whole lot more than a Blog, thus I've chosen to make the Blog a separate entity, and the question I have is:

What do you call a Blog? Do you call it Blog?

If you browse around the net chances are you'll see a lot of Blogs. Most of these Blogs don't need to make use the word Blog because it is in fact already the main feature of the site, it's the homepage, the page you land on when you visit. Writers will still refer to their site as their Blog, maybe on the common about me page, or in their posts, or on comments they post elsewhere. If the Blog is on a site where it is not the main feature (like it will be on this one), there will have to be a separate page for it. There will also have to be a link for it. Most people still call it a Blog, but if the function of it changes in accordance to the site maybe they'll call it News, or Magazine, or Updates, or something different. On CyberD, it's still the Blog though, but as with everything else I wanted to change a name.

I searched the Internet all over and found very little on naming conventions of the word itself. All people seem to speak about is what they call their Blog, revering to the title of the Blog, not the word entity - Blog. Synonyms tell me I could type in communication instead. I don't think it's very fitting. I brainstormed a few words and came up with a few of them, but none of them seemed to fit. Here are the alternatives and the reasons I didn't chose them:

  • Log
  • An abbreviation of the word Blog. Actually Blog is already an abbreviation of the word Weblog, but there is no way I'd be using that long a word for such an important section of the site. As for Log, it's a bit too short; too neutral. It could be a log about anything. It could be an error log. In fact, maybe it'll interfere with some other website settings if I'm not careful. Nah, too troublesome.

  • Journal
  • If my blog was like a journal, maybe I'd use this word, but it's not. The word hints that the entries will be personal, and I try to not put anything too personal online. Same thing with diary. Also, they don't sound very smooth.

  • Stream
  • Stream is a nice word. It's swift, it stands for a flow of something, in this case posts. Out of the alternatives that I did not chose, this was probably the one I would have chosen if I had not not chosen it. I can't think of any flaws, apart from it maybe being slightly harder to type than my final choice (letters further apart; two letters more).

  • Mindflow
  • The word flow alone didn't seem enough, but with a mind before it things are fully understandable. Another good alternative, but in the end it's long and harder to use. I mean, what if I tell you: "Don't forget to check out my mindflow!". If you'd never seen my mindflow before you would probably be a bit confused. I used to have a page on the site called Mind btw, pulling my posts off Twitter. That was easier to connect, very short, very impulsive messages. Cerebrally relevant.

  • Writing
  • Would be good if that was all I posted. Though the word is still a bit long. Text is another alternative, but again it's too neutral. You won't expect regular blog entries if you click a Text link. At least I won't. I'd be expecting longer articles. Articles btw? No choice.

  • Updates
  • I might be having a separate page on the site for those later on... site updates I mean. Another too neutral word.

So in the end, I chose Blog. There's a reason why so many people use the word. It's common. Everybody knows what a blog is. Through the years the word has evolved from just a regular diary to something much more than that, a place to vent on both thoughts and events, creation, popular media, anything you want. It doesn't even have to be personal. Most large companies have blogs, and sometimes they don't even post about the company, they post relevant articles to draw people to the company. If that can still be called a blog I don't know, but the use of the word is what defines the word, so I guess everything goes. On a sidenote, is this entry a Blog? Should a Blog really be called Blogs? Maybe I'll speak about that some other time.

One Piece 127

The war is over! All over the country people rejoice.

The King Delivers A Speech


One Piece 126

The blast knocks everybody down to the ground, yet they get up again, and keep fighting. Vivi is yelling at them to please stop fighting, and the Strawhats do what they can to beat down the resistance (without killing anybody).

The Fight Still Rages On


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