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Inktober #9 - Actively Acapella

AKA Monday Acapella, Actually Acapella...

Monday night, I write in a white light,
Got work tomorrow - at a distance - it'll be quite exciting!
I'm alone in the house now, none of my kin around,
Need to keep the fire burning though. Cold-ass-ground.

I'm at the farm... yesterday I was at a cottage.
Got no electricity there. Now I got the wattage!
But I got less insulation. So I gotta stock my socks and...
Stuff. Keep the negative degrees out is a must!

I brought my laptop with me too but I don't have my studio.
Will try some more elaborate tunes though, maybe the usual!
Maybe I can get some beats playing! That'd be dope.
Mic quality probably won't get better but I can hope.

And I can mix! With Audacity 2.4.6!
Really 2.4.2. Didn't rhyme so I had to add a four too.
What don't you do to get the rhymes sounding astounding!
I gotta impress NewGrounds or WHY! Would I be around them.

And I hope I get potatoes! I hope the salad's fresh!
We drove up with the car last week! We left some salad left!
Covered with warming fiber! So maybe it's alive!
Got me watering saliva! I'm a eat it like a pie!

Carrots here too, beets too as in roots,
If no other beats are feasible at least a substitute!
And some cabbage, some sprouts maybe, if they got it down
I'll be taking the rounds tomorrow, now I'm just making sounds

As the kitchen warms up! I got a heater and a stove
Gotta eat a lot of fat and protein to feel less of the cold
Was it stupid to come up here in the middle of October?
But we didn't get all veggies and I feel I need some closure!

So I'm a keep my composure! I'm a make it through hey!
Come back from the wild again with a big suitcase!
Got a couple nights at a hotel, before I move place!
If the cold creeps into my bones then I might just do eight!

Actually six... that don't rhyme though so I had to twist.
As always when I'm out traveling also hope I don't get sick
It'd be a bitch. In the midst of Inktober I'd have to qui...
I mean I'd have to take vitamins and shit and get a grip.

Better slip out for today and get some... sleep!

See y'all in a bit.

Inktober #8 - Apparently Acapella

AKA A-peer-rantly Acapella, Sunday Acapella...

It's Sunday! We all play and have fun yay!
By the fireplace! It's glum when the sun fades!
But the warmth permeates the house and it's cool... just think! If I was in the Bahamas by a pool in a parching sun I'd have some shade!

Naturally it's again acapella!
I'm stellar at it! I was a Celldweller addict!
For a bit then Breaking The Habit was the shit!
I see a new LP and I just yell at it: "You don't compare!"

Early millennia years man - I remember them clear! LP and LB - revolutionary new styles!
Swapping tapes with peers, recorded over Mike the Mechanic,
Listened to Mana in Spanish, and Canto de Loco - they were bananas!
Never just sat in a hammock though - I always rampaged!

GTA in school, after class...
I'm surprised the teachers let us play that!
Liero in highschool, it's like Worms but quite cool,
Want to visit the tower someday but Eifel 65 rules

I bought their blue album on tape while in Bahrain!
Prices they haven't changed, you'll never get a bargain,
On anything new or trendy, that feud is never-ending,
Companies and consumers... can you seem befriending?

What the hell am I goin' on about though I took the route!
Of going down nostalgia rabitholes in large amounts!
Related to the music I grew up on and was around!
Like Van Halen jams playing, and System of a Down!

B.Y.O.B! Why don't you be like Luke or One Kenobi?
Was stoked when I saw Star Wars - Star Trek never stole me
But I did steal a GameBoy once... and I got caught!
I was lonely! I didn't have all all other's bought

These days! Social media rebel you can't control me!
I'm not a cellphone addict - for anyone who does know me
You'd know I'd rather be so free I don't even have a landline
I'd rather barricade my land with a line of landmines!

I'd rather just be left alone! And farm and stress at home!
And have Octoberfests with fresh crops - all overgrown!
Bone some like-minded woman and get me a better clone!
Write some poems - I always do when I'm in the zone!

NG though... that's a problem I can't be free of
Love you peeps - but you make me lose sleep it's a wee prob!
I dissolve if I spend too much time up in these feed logs
In China I hear they eat dogs - such civility can seem odd.

Whatever! Sunday's over and WE ARE getting better!
I'm jumpin' over my sweaters steamed up like I'm a leap frog!
See all trees around me and I feel God smiles down upon me!
If I believed in him or in all of those who preach of -

I could never be a teacher - I don't trust the school!
If you trust the books you read - then you be a fool!
Read MORE books - the more you read the more you can compare them!
The more you read the more you realize nothing is really true!

It's a peer rant.


Inktober #7 - Naturally Acapella

AKA Wildin' Out Again, Wild Acapella, A Natural Acapella...

Back on the acapella! Not Mac Miller
I'm iller than killers for real though on lyrical abilities
But not in appearance! Can look in the mirror!
And see what I need to change and make me better!
Like upgrade biceps or... wear a sweater!
It's colder and wetter it's autumn so yessir!
I can go with the second! With the simpler and lesser!
But I'm workin' and chopping wood - getting better and better!
Life is good up here and time goes fast and...

Days are short but I've a blast
I'm in the dark - the candles lit!
The nets are cast - for stacks of fish!
Or maybe NOT - it's cold as shit!
Maybe they WILL - just sit and chill!
And it ain't no FUN - to visit the shitter!
Get out of the warm room - go down to the litter!
And we'll be here two days - but I am no quitter!
Otherwise it's all cool! ...but time it does ripple -

Little things lead to other things
Get out in the woods and discover things
The mist is thick and the sun don't shine
All the time, this mist covers things
Dismissed mist! Get out of my face!
Get out of this place! Go find you a lake!
To just rain down upon! And the dew on my lawn?
Overdue I just want! Dry shoes!!!

Thankfully I've boots!
Record more tomorrow y'aaall -
I'm through.


Inktober #6 - A Fly Transition

I am leaving today!
Just heave off my chains!
Get out to the range a bit!
Change up my game!

To a cottage in the wild,
Where I was when I was a child,
Hope to catch a lot of fish and sit
And roast it with some pine.

I am flying today,
To a cozy little town,
Called Kangos, way out in,
The North by the mountains,

I got my cellphone,
And I'll keep going with my poems,
Recording quality may suck though!
Just so you know.

I have a little microphone,
With a 'Boya' logo,
Have no idea if the brand is good,
It was cheap when it sold.

You connect it via the headphone jack,
Straight to your phone,
I know the built-in one sucks,
But this one I don't know.

So hope! It's boss!
Got my fingers crossed!
Not a believer but hey
Superstition it rocks!

I gotta jet! I gotta fly!
I'll be in the wild for a while!
Gotta catch a train man I'll
See y'all on the other side!


Inktober #5 - The Guillotine Switch Pitch

Cyberdevil better get some clout now!
Show the world what this is all about!
How to improvise and make something worthwhile!
The legendary Jabun on the grind!
With a doubleneck that's heck-a-versatile!
A switch that makes this hit and poke an eye!
Like a polka dot suprise - hope I block my eyes!
Stop a flock of geese - open shop and drive!

Drums are hands on table that is miced!
A Shure just floored it sure does catch it nice!
Got more in store for your rigor and mortis!
(Why did I take a course to drive a forklift?)
I'm all over the place! Set up show and race!
Through Inktober! Haste makes you shoulder weight!
And get totes in shape! Grow and go in ape!
On each day! I get up early but roll in late!

Yoooooooo! This was made off a Nick guitar video. An innovative -
In-the-making skill of a pro!

Check it out HERE!

(link in description - that ^ is the link)

Inktober #4 - Collaboration

AKA The New Solution, No Name, The New World Odor...

Cyberdevil! Uh! stevetherapper! Yo!

I'm going down South! Running off my mouth!
What does that really mean? I'm 'bout to clear all doubt!
I was North all summer bummer summer ended but I wandered!
Back into this little town! Called Stockholm or NewGrounds!

I'm here with stevetherapper we're about to duke it out!
A friendly little duel! I'm the rapper he's the fuel!
He made the beat I'm rapping to! Without beat I act a fool!
I could go acapella but I'd rather be on track with you!

With this act I try to prove! It ups everyone's mood!
Collaboration's like the human race's last refuge!
We got wars we looting we got shooting at our schools!
If we could just collaborate there'd be no need to feud!

Have you heard MC Abdul? He raps in Palestine!
Wanders through demolished streets - looks like maybe nine!
I got stubble he got rubble it's a bummer but I wonder
If music ain't the future, and scribes - our tutors!


This the only way that we will save this wretched place!
Fuck the politicians! Fuck the one percent!
Fuck the tax! Fuck the rent! Fuck the loan sharks! Flow charts!
Fuck the police if they're corrupt and have cold hearts!

Fuck the greedy people always digging up our oil!
Our coal! Our goal! Should be to somehow fill this void!
People turning profits on green tech we think could solve!
Our dumb overconsumption! Fuck your little toys!

Fuck your clothes! Fuck your games! Fuck we're all the same!
We're feeding a consumerism emptying the veins!
Of the world! Of it's worth! And I don't think it'll ever change!
It's in our human nature just to take and to take!

To survive! But back in the day we just weren't capable!
Of storing this stuff, or making, or taking all!
Our world's just a caged in ball! Doesn't self-sustain at all!
If we don't stop digging through it's SHIT! Let it evolve!

Humans! Fucking! Looters!
Make LOVE! Not war! Fuck it! Make MORE!
Make the solutions we crave for!
Let your wage soar! HUH! Push away chores!

Maybe AI is the savior we can pray for!
Handle all our business! Figure this shit out!
I don't know if stevetherapper's really on this route?
He's a humble guy, with an optimistic mind,
This the Cyberdevil speaking, he's just making all this fly,
With a killer beat I had to borrow to inspire rhyme,

So yeah! Collaboration! Utopia!!! It's all adjacent!
Keep fighting the good fight and keep making! GOOD STUFF!
That's all I got to say UH!

Cyberdevil! YEAH! stevetherapper! HUUH!

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