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Inktober #20.5 - On My Way To Bond

As in... James Bond.

You know I've got a problem when I don't have time to record, but still got a night,
It's okay though I'll go acapella my flow is dope as Moses.
Can't walk on water but I probe religion in my proses.
Programmed to break down the code around me till it closes.

Soon I'll be going to watch a movie and I've got a moment.
To pen some lines, to tantalize it could be the coldest.
Channelize my inner feelings and thoughts and emotions.
Till I'm drowning in myself, solo soul overdosing.

Obie One! Can you tell me what I will become?
Don't want to succumb to the dark side, but who has won?
Rule of thumb is the light claims to convert all,
But the darkness is covert y'all. I wouldn't really believe it.

Easy peace! That's a DREAM for the sleazy greasy!
I don't believe in these LIES I'd rather stand or sit up.
Do sit-ups while I stand on my grand Isuzu pickup.
It's usual fitness and this stuff? The unusual hiccup.

Yes uh. Double oh. Seven.

Inktober #20 - Astral Casserole

AKA Shine On, Astral Caserole (What We Should Become - Unlike Chosen Witticism - Food For Thought)...

I totally ran out out of inspiration.
Aspirations... rising higher than I'd planned to chase them.
Have more collabs planned and I'm a tad impatient.
But nothing works when you're not feeling it.

I'm eager to quit! I start too many things and never finish.
Inktober though... it seems these are my exception.
My inception. Immersed myself and took some steps in and before I knew it,
Was doing astral projection.

Pass the leopard! Fly by like it's a tadpole.
Universe a rad hole. Wholesome like a womb.
Swallows you up like if you do too much Zoom.
Comfort. Old habits die hard.

I've been panicking by stars,
Sipping Sangria in the bar by my mind's eye,
I never go out I seem quite shy,
I never roll up, I'm not that type of guy.

You might see me though standing in the rain while it's raining.
Freezing temperature. In shorts. Straining.
Trying to breath in a calm and collected manner.
I like to challenge myself and... channel my anger.

Be spontaneous so I don't spontaneously combust!
Gotta recycle that rage! We compost stuff.
Like me I lie in a cage and decompose.
And slowly my tattered soul turns into the dopest prose.

Flying on wings I don't know...
Looking into my body and feel akin with a glow...
Embracing, a warmth raising me like a ray of light,
Swept away in the calming night when I pray I might...

Is the afterlife a dream? The white tunnel subconscious?
What's hell though? Where are the monsters?
I seldom wander out of my room but when I open the door,
I'm hoping the floor's still solid - that it won't let go and transform!

We are more than we believe we are!
We are the warmth of a fleeting star.
We are the molecules inside our own.
We are the core in the oldest home.

We are but brittle little kids built on bits of bone!
But our will is a strength that never wilts or slows.
And you can't put us in a hilt, we like hills explode.
Volcano for real though, molten lava java coffee.

Wind sings to me softly when I'm panicking...
Tells me to go back on in into my shell casing.
I shoot me out like a shotgun when I am facing my dark side.
Loony not like the moons but like I'm crazy.

Hey Zeus charging on a metal stream!
Solid silver and electron, old pyramid topping.
I realize... quitting's not an option.
I will keep going like you. Astral till my coffin.

Shine on... still got inspiration to climb on...

Inktober #19.5 - That Cold World

It's a cold world out there... don't forget it.
But don't be too upset though if you let it in!
If you keep going then you'll be getting things.
And if you keep on giving then your regret will thin.

It's a cold world it is but it will warm up!
The sea is still right now but it does storm much!
Live to the fullest and get that wind in your sail!
And fly fly or float away, till your grave.

It's a cold world... till you put it on fire!

Inktober #19 -The Cold World

Hey killreal! I'm sorry I haven't gotten to that mixtape yet. I will. I'll kill it for real. Here's a little taste... or something... to chase away those wraiths... hey!

I'm floating around this home feeling homeless,
Don't know if you know me or know this, I'm the youngest child not the oldest,
I was never the wildest or smartest, but I wasn't the weakest or slowest,
But I think that I am now the coldest, what's life but a pan on a moment?

Sitting by a little fire by a frozen lake! Looking at a big sun when I slowly wake!
Feel the warmth of its rays falling on my face! Then it moves... I forget how my freedom tastes!
I get stuck in these habits that keep me safe! But I chase something bigger, I make mistakes,
And regret them forever I guess that's my fate huh... as of late...

Does it really get better, where's my faith? I wish I really believed I could make a change
Or that there was a heaven, something great, waiting for us in space when I leave this place
But how can I believe in fairy tales? We all just get deceived on hearsay.
If we believe everything they tell us, but I am jealous, I wish I didn't think it's fake

And I wish I believed in the government! And I wish I believed in the punishment!
of injustice and evil and criminals! But I see them in the green digging minerals!
And I see them on the streets and in Synagogues! And in the Mosques and the Churches and in our Gods!
In our purses and Parliaments and it is odd! People look up to 'em like it isn't off.

How can we still believe in utopia! When we still keep bleeding from our open cuts?
When our media deceives and won't open up! When the banks just thieve and won't hold us up!
When mankind's greed is what slowly kills! Everything in this world that we haven't built!
That we cherish and admire as a miracle! And they say that God is in us all?

I don't want to say God is a criminal... but if there is a God then it's time he came,
To our lands with a flood to sweep us away, this lie that we live is too much to take,
Some days I just want to succumb to games, to the mainstream rush, to the hall of fame,
To the career stairs they want us to take, to the roof where there is nothing but

Tired old dudes waiting to fly away... in a sky grayed out... by pesticides and pollution.

We could make this heaven if we didn't stray.

Our future, it could be great...

Inktober #18.5 - Rep That

It's the M-O! S-O! W-A-P!
You want to rep this? Forget it yo it's all about me!
And life is hectic, but I'm stepping! I'm a get where I want to be!
Even if you leapt in! Right now. You leapers can't beat me!

I don't do whole ones, but half ones!
I've a whole time, for half time!
When I'm this fire! And in that mind!
You can't stop me but you can try!

I go double! The usual.
I don't need no! Excusal!
My rebutal! Can't be rebuked.
No Adidas Nike No Rebook.

I feel proof. I feel his rhymes every time I hear him...
I feel he's clear and on point always coherent.
Why'd I speak of Proof though...? I don't really care!
I'm in the booth and he's a beast, and we both breath, this air...

Take care y'all. Get stats. Rep that...

Inktober #18 - Rep This

AKA The Rep Today, The Daily Rep, 300kg Psychoopharma...

Stressed out! How can I be less?
Not sitting on a bench but I don't just want to press.
I know that I am GOOD and I really should feel blessed.
But dues are piling up quick! Everything's a mess.

I cannot say NO I guess that's a problem innit?
Too many new things I don't want that keep beginning.
But you do need to live and freelancing is a winning.
Doing daily rounds but I never make an inning.

Some day I want to just get away and decompress!
Not from this sesh no but from everything else!
I want to just BE in the world by myself!
Put everything superficial on one of my shelves!

Along with all my comics, and all that is piling.
Wake up every day and try on a little smiling.
Need to sell away stuff, need some decompiling.
I'm like on an island in my room, all the childish things that loom!

I wake up hit the shower and get dressed!
Stress through the day... kind of like everyone else huh?
Flow's getting better by each second though I guess
So maybe something is a building with all of these reps

But I gotta do some dues now! Gotta get some done.
Save a rainy day for one I'll be in the sun.
Save a beat for when I have time to play around!
Working got me down, and I've gotta hit the town,

And the gas price is UP! And I think too our inflation.
Ate a lot of chips, guess I got some inflammation.
What the fuck is up with my health and this nation?
They go hand in hand though, like plague and cholera.

I was born in an era when it was cool to be a bearer!
Of true originality! So I make materia!
That is unlike anything that is out in this terra!
Terraform norms and transcend our critiera!

For what is accepted - get better bacteria!
Boost your microbiom and you'll be high in the sky yo!
Fly like a Pterodactyl or a Chimaira!
Shine y'all! I'll be back when I'm clearer.

Tomorrow maybe yeah uh.

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