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Underbelly (2022)

Underbelly (2022)

A short social-realist drama about an apprentice butcher in Dundee, Scotland.

Brought to life via Kickstarter. Here. I contributed.

It's a dark one this one... but better than expected. You get a connection. You feel for and with the characters. It does what a movie's meant to - even if it's just a short film.

Makes you feel.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Repella Fella Kickstarter

Go back it yo! Get that package! Better than cabbage!

It's from the same dude who made this great thing back in the day.

The above so far five years in the making.

Friday Night Funkin' Full-Ass Funded!

This thing really made it! Not that I doubted. I mean they REALLY made it!!! I mean it went way beyond expectation. Holy shit this is POPULAR.

52,000+ BACKERS

That's a lot of backers!

Alas they didn't reach THREE MILLION... so no PSX port. But...


Go read their updates too. They're entertaining. I can see how this happened now. It's all clear. The lines align...


They REALLY made some money.

Friday Night Funkin' Kickstarterrr

Two days in and already ten times past the goal! And at the time of actually posting this two weeks later... 30x. O_O

This is craaaaaaazy. They keep surprising. Surpassing any and all expectations I might have of this game. And just the other day it crashed NG. Feels like maybe I oughta actually give it a play soon...

Check out the Kickstarter here.

And if you like me have a hard time truly wrapping your head around how massive attention this game is really getting, check this.

For a while they were almost more popular than YT.

Tales Of Alethrion

We must keep climbing this giant while it's still awake.

Go kickstart this thing! Just 6 days to go.



It's out! Well no, not yet, but it will be. It's happy news so I gotta convey it. Staying tuned.

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