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37 Episodes Of Lost & A Funeral

I finished the series late last night, finally, watched through two whole seasons in two days, and at the end things were getting so interesting I didn't even feel like skimming through the episodes at all. Ok, maybe a little, but very little.

As is the case with most people the ending left me pretty confused. It left me content, but still confused. At the end if kind of seemed like everybody died, but that can't be, can it? I mean, Hurley & Ben seem to survive on the island, a bunch of people seem to escape by plane, and a bunch of people don't show up at the funeral that should show up if they really were dead. Or was Christians "this is the place you all created" not as metaphorical as it seemed? Was it a real recollection of characters to get back to the isle? But why a church? What about the bright light? Was Christian the only one really moving to another life? Gaah. Too many questions.

So I Googled; that just gave me even more questions to answer. Forget that. I hope yet don't expect an official explanation. This was the kind of ending you look forward to, one where everything isn't just happy-ever-after, one that baffles. Yet still it leaves a bit to be desired. And what about the ocean sounds at the very end? When the screen goes black? Does that mean they're back at the island? That the island still exists? That they all start over? That the story goes on? Or is it just there to confuse everyone?

Anyhow, I'm leaving by plane for a funeral in a few hours, then I'll be staying with my grandmother for about a week. See you next year. :P

Merry Christmas 2010!

Hope you have a great one!

Merry Christmas!

Killing Cryptosporidium In Östersund

Östersund has since about two months back been invaded by a parasite going by the name of Cryptosporidium, it infiltrated the citys water supply and they have not yet been able to remove it. Inhabitants are advised to boil all water two minutes before consumption, to dry themselves really well after showers, and to not take baths longer than fifteen minutes due to large additions of chlorine in the water. The chlorine doesn't kill the parasite, but it decreases the amount. Those who get infected experience stomach pains, diarrhea, fever & headaches.

We were aware of this when we arrived in Östersund, obviously a bit paranoid & at the beginning probably a little dehydrated as well. After a first sleepless night we were a bit less paranoid and after another day we didn't worry much at all, we were just careful. I even took a shower, though I admit it was much shorter than my usual showers. As long as you don't wash your face and be sure to dry up afterwards the Cryptosporidium doesn't stand a chance. Washing dishes and cooking food was a much more time-consuming task than usual, we had pots all over the place filled with water, some warm, some cold, some out on the balcony in the chilling snow.

It snowed almost all the time we were there, gently, and amidst the games played and meals consumed we found time to speed down snow-covered hills with a swift trail of dust after us. I plowed through about ten comics, tried to sleep while Maud ate her midnight meal (it's a one room apartment), played with Rasmus and sped through the city shops in two quick runs when time allowed us. We took a trip to Ulla-Britta & Boda Borg & Car Inspection (woo) and spent ten hours on train and bam, suddenly I'm home again. Trip went quick, but it was a good four days.

32 Wads 32

32 Wads

The last pack of levels is here, just in time for Christmas. :) I'd have liked to throw in a few bonus textures, replace some fur with fluffy winter hats, add some snowflakes to the sky, etcetc, but time flies. IOW, there is no snow or fluffy hats in this level, but it's still a great level, and a very challenging one as such.

I hope you've enjoyed the series. I've posted 32 WADs with 32 Levels each, so all in all there are 1024 levels in these packs! I don't know about you, but to me that seems like a ton of levels. I doubt I've even played that many different Doom levels altogether, and will I ever? I'm not expecting anybody to download and play through all of these, but if you really do, let me know, and let me know how it was. The levels are significantly shorter than the classic Doom levels, or manually made ones for that matter, so it shouldn't take that long. I reckon I could speedrun the whole game in two days ... if I refrain from dying or slaying all foes I come across. How about you? Up for the challenge? :D

If you've tried any one of these WADs I'd be happy to hear some feedback. Sure they're all randomly generated, but I was the one that generated them, you know? Heh, it feels like an achievement regardless of the difference in time consumed it would have taken to make these manually. Maybe more so just because of that difference. :)

The download and preview can be found below. See the Doom page for more. Enjoy!

Where It Starts And Ends (3200 downloads )

My Good Heart

After the smashing my head incident I had a time booked to check my heart (per doctors request) for any faults it might have that caused the faint, so I went there yesterday and they poked around outside my heart with a grey plastic stick together with some cold cream and formed an image of it (the heart) on a screen through echo. Pretty interesting.

They had a pair of speakers blasting the beat in the background and a layer of colors over the heart they sometimes switched on and sometimes off. They spoke a lot of technical mumbo jumbo and after less than half an hour they were done, the doctor came in to check the results and told me everything was ok, though I did (still do, probably) have a hole between the antechamber (hope that's the right word) and some other part... though that was completely normal and nothing to worry about.

I do wonder why he mentioned it at all if it was completely normal, but wth, if he said it's fine then it's fine. To really check it out they would have to stuff some kind of tube down my throat and neither of us felt like that was needed anyway. I thought I'd get a bunch of bruises from their poking which was pretty brutal, but apparently they've mastered the art of brutal poking without forming bruises, so all's good and ends well.

Turns out I have a good heart after all. ;)

Snow & Östersund

It's been snowing like crazy outside, so I added some snow to the site to give it a touch of season. The theme is already red so it feels pretty Christmassy already without further vacation. I mean, without further modification.

In other news I'm leaving on a short vacation today, visiting my brother David with family in Östersund for four days. Life is currently busy as hell, but I always get more done when there's a deadline ahead, or maybe I just get more done to make up for all time lost at the stay away?

Anyhow, I'll be heading out to the train (subway above ground, Google Translate tells me it's called 'spent electric trains'... is it really?) to take it to the train (the real train) and then sit on (well, maybe inside, it's a bit warmer) it for about 5 hours. See you next week!

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