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Week 26 - Last Week

Last since I'm writing this on a Monday, and since I'm leaving tomorrow and might not post in a while. Leaving where? North! Up and away to the uncivilized wilds of until-just-about-a-hundred-years-ago uncolonized Norrbotten. I'll be spending a full two months there. Swimming in the waves. Sizzling in the sun. Shoveling dirt and swiping white paint on wooden walls. Doing all. It'll be a ball.

Last week was so hectic I didn't get around to posting the weekly post yesterday... though that's becoming a bad habit. I spent Saturday and the adjacent nights chasing lights (and days with blazing sights) with buddy Bear in Norrtälje, had my last day of work on Friday, my last day at my other work on Thursday, and before that... well, work. I thought I'd manage to clean up and pack as well along those long days, but time passed and as such all such tasks are left for this last-minute (and fortunately work-free) Monday.

Apart from posting a bit on the blog, my schedule for today is packed with packing bags and stacking rags and this and that. Sucking up droves of dust like bus-fed streets. Sending unsent receipts. Scraping the fridge for leftover meals to eat. Washing clothes from grease and watering plants with a sneeze to packing my bags and prepping everything for my leave tomorrow eve.

I'm not actually leaving until tomorrow afternoon, but I realized yesterday night that it's pretty hard to fall asleep knowing that you're leaving things undone when you don't know how much of said tasks you'll manage to do the next day. Better get as much as possible out of the way now, and if time is left I can review a few more movies. :) Or do some of those other things that I'd planned to do, but in these rushed times just didn't manage. Alas, there's always something left.

It's been a good stretch of days though; mostly good stress. I spent half of Monday waiting on a consignment and almost missed my working hours. On Tuesday a good buddy came around with a batch of strawberries and cream. Surefire sign of summer! I've been eating watermelon... and whatever else there is, scraps make for a wealth of dishes, but soon I'll be sizzling up North in the summer bliss with grounds rich on bits to pick for picnics. What is this? My last post for the week until my trip lifts. Until September's given: be right back. Instead of blogging - I'll be living.

This last week I posted another 12 movie reviews (though technically half of them are this week), 2 anime reviews, this and all that other stuff. and here's last week. I'll see you all whenever I see you; when public library visits allow! Hope you have an amazing summer.

Week 25 - Bussy Week

It's been a busy week again, and one with a lot of bus rides! Four rides back and forth, which would be the equivalent of... another 3 hours worth of time spent commuting that I wouldn't usually need to spend. I'm getting used to the routine though, and the busses have been comfortable, but not always on time. I spent one long half hour sizzling in the sun after work one day, waiting to be taken home, though you can never get too much sun so that was alright.

The weekly dues? On Monday I went to the movies, on Tuesday I was taken to dinner at Seyhmus - a nice little vegetarian restaurant mid-city, on Wednesday we welcomed summer at work - with a green cake and a late speedy day break party. On Friday I celebrated Midsummer's Eve with a table of Couronne, good food, and good people, and this Sunday as well - though we no longer celebrated Midsummer but instead a good buddy's birthday. We played some board games too, and took a walk in a rare rainy summer haze. I spent Thursday trying to get some work done at home, and Saturday sitting in a boiling room, the sun blaring outside, eating unsuitably hot soup and trying to focus on tasks at hand. Summer's a real challenge some days. I've been at work too, as usual, ya know. Vacation's coming soon, but not for a few more moons.

It's been good though, a busy week, but not as stressful now as it was in the beginning. I be getting things done yo, though undone things do still remain. Also started jogging again - four days in a row with varying intensity.

On the blog I've posted this, another 12 movie reviews, and here are a few memorable comments I've picked up through Youtube. There's probably tons, but I saved four of them, for some reason, so there they are, preserved for all eternity.

I think that's about all I have to tell of this most recent stretch of days. Here's last week. Moving onto the final potentially stressy stretch before I leave on vacation's eve! Have a good one.

Week 24 - Buster Week

Busses are running shuttle traffic outside the house this week. The train tracks are being renovated on a six station stretch, of which mine is the second to last, so instead of commuter trains it's now a commuter bus + train. It's comfortable, and it's nice with different and more dynamic scenery, but it's also an additional twenty minutes in each direction, which means I've spent at least an extra 3 hours on route to work and back just this week. This will be going on until early August, so I'm happy I won't be here most of that time.

I ate a pizza with a buddy this Wednesday, at Birkastan Karlberg, and after that a pitcher of ginger, lemon and melon sorbet. 3/4ths of the pizza would've been just right, and half the sorbet, but I shant complain: it was good food; a good trip.

On Monday I helped my sister carry a gigantic carpet to her new apartment, and take a tour of the one room, plus kitchen, bathroom, hall and room-for-one balcony. It's a nice place, albeit a bit small, bur luxurious living spaces are hard and expensive to come by in central Stockholm.

I've been doing some time-consuming and much overdue money moving, trying to place my savings in the places with the best saving rates, which is no easy task with world economy as it currently is. Most bigger banks offer 0% interest on your savings here, though there are a few with 0,50% on unbound savings, and upto 1,50% on bound ones. Also rates as high as 10% if you feel like gambling a bit and possibly losing your savings entirely... and don't need that money in a bunch of years. But I am no gambler. And I may need that money.

I cleaned the house too. Thoroughly. Chased out the dust rats that have been gathering the past 2-3 weeks and made it all sparkle. Got rid of that occasional sneeze and hazy gloom when the sunlight sprinkles through the window glass. It took a day, but was well worth the work!

I'm eating canned mackerel, watermelon, smoothies, batches of strange pasta, bowls of berries and mixed beans this week, good foods. I ate some year old capers earlier and didn't feel too well, but apparently capers never go old so that must've been something else. They're almost as resilient as soy sauce thanks to the encapsulating brine (as is pretty much anything encapsulated in brine, apparently). On the topic of food, my neighbors started making dinner one evening, and for some reason the whole upper floor smelled like airplane fuel. Grills. You know what I'm sizzling?

Apart from those things it's been work, movies and projects taking up my time. Same old same old. I've been listening to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers - their newest album is out and it's awesome. I'm glad to see they're back at it again, and still the same as ever: creative, funky and melodic, with cryptic lyrics that take a few listens before they start to make sense. Few mainstream bands seem to have as much energy and passion, and a style no one can replicate.

Life's been good, and spare time interweaves with fierce work catching up on tasks that are to be completed before vacation reaches, both at work and at homework. It's always too soon, and yet I've been looking forward to this all winter! It's the same thing each year; I should be better prepared. But summer's here now. I let my hair down (I mean I cut my hair and it fell to clear ground). I'm getting as much sun as I can without sacrificing too much work time, getting out when I can - or sitting in to scan berserk rhyme, and apart from a rainy weekend in which I managed to sleep in, and that grim house-cleaning, the weather's been perfect for that. Occasionally cloudy, but great. Warm and windy. It invigorates and spins me.

Vacation's running up with giant leaps! Too soon! Too soon! All these tasks, can I do them in June? Or will I have to leave them, to in the future resume? I weave through the evening with soothening tunes.

On the blog I've posted 12 movie reviews, a couple double musicalish, about a book excerpt, and here's last week. Also: here's a thing. Until next time, have a good one!

Week 23 - A Funeral, And Then

I dreamt I was with the N.W.A., writing a dis track, but we were different. The world went against me, and we gathered on the terrace inside a church. The gang gathered around and talked, and I wrote my lines on an embroidered tablecloth. I don't remember what I wrote, but we were ready to record. Ready to go at any moment.

And then, we were outside, in the big city, running over rooftops, and all over the place, and the shop wasn't selling what I wanted. The cityscape was medieval, with twisting towers high above, and houses of natural stone. That's all I remember.

And today, One Piece 745 came out! The one which ultimately ends the Dressrosa Arc. It's over! They won! I can't wait to see what adventure comes next. As for me: it'll be work. I'm up late since I just managed to post my 6 movie reviews of the week, as well as a few other leftovers, and now I'm writing this, the post of the week. I've posted another three earlier, and last week was... last week, right?

I went to a funeral this week. A friend and grandma to a good friend, Inga, for whom I wrote a short poem here. I was super-nervous about the event, mostly because it was the first funeral I'd attend at which my own family wasn't gathered, and my brethren not with me to back me up, but I hadn't needed to worry at all. It was a small gathering of people - first in a cozy old church, then by an open grave in the yard, and finally in a cool room with panorama windows where we enjoyed shrimp sandwiches and for a brief moment cast aside our mourning. There was no card reading, or counting of gifts and names, and only one brief speech on part of the host. It was subtle, peaceful, and not too long.

I prepared my suit and tie the night before, all too late - realizing I had no suitable pants, but fortunately there was a pair in a nearby closet I could borrow. I had no flowers prepared either, and no shops were open early enough - but fortunately they were selling red roses on the square where I stepped off the train.

I met my good buddy Bear with a docile rose, and a black umbrella for the torrent of rain that wasn't supposed to be there this particular morning. Suitable weather for a funeral, though. We drove to the church, and sang, and said our prayers, and gathered around the dig under parting clouds and warm rays of sun. It was serene.

And after that? It's been work as usual, and plenty of other projects. Busy, but I feel like I'm making progress! I've booked my flight up North as well, on the 5th of July. It's been a good week, and now the new one starts, and I should probably get to sleep if I want to wake up tomorrow later today. Good night.

Week 22 - Sun, Summer, Some

It's a shift of months! New start and all that is what I'd like for it to imply, but this transition just passed in a flash - as all these recent weeks seem to do.

It's been work and stuff, some progress on that much-overdue Flash I had planned to have done before this shift of months, and some other stuff, and that's all. My parents drove up North last weekend, so I've had this week to myself, which means... a lot more house work. :/ Freedom too, of course. After a short session of melancholy I'm now enjoying all the perks such freedom entails, like completely fucking up my sleeping habits, though I finally seem to be getting them back under control this weekend. I'm back to bedtimes around 1 right now, which gives me a reasonable amount of sleep time before I have to get up on those days when I need to be certain places at certain times.

I had a rare massage this Friday, since my back's been feeling a bit broken recently. I'm doing some posture training, and did some jogging early in the week, but I think that made things worse, so no more jogging for a while now. I have some back strengthening sessions I'll be trying instead.

I had a scary bank experience early this week. I went on one night to check my account balance, and the login did not work. Either I had no account, or I'd asked them to shut down my access to their Internet service was what I was told when I tried to login. If this was during day I could've called support, but it was night, and they were closed, so I tried to get some sleep aaand the next day it was all working fine. No errors. No issues. No evidence of last night's oddity, just a pending uncertainty as to if I should maybe switch bank.

I understand banks can have problems with their services just like anyone else, but if there is a problem, the user should know what the problem is. Being issued a faulty warning from a bank does not inspire confidence. So, folks, if you're in the process of opening an account somewhere, and you're considering Santander Consumer Bank, do consider some other alternatives.

In other news, Preacher is becoming a series! Hell yeah! :D That iconic comic I first found in my big brother's stash as a kid (it was probably way too early for me to be reading comics of that caliber), and finally finished reading years later online... it's getting real! It's a crazy story - crazy and awesome, though maybe that's just my nostalgia speaking. Either way: I am hyped! I don't usually follow regular TV shows, but this will definitely be an exception. And for those of you who've never heard of Preacher before, here's the Wikipedia link.

In unrelated context, here's a dope Chris Webby freestyle., and here's Common, and Joey Bada$$, and some Lee Mazin. Maybe I should make some Musicalish posts with content like this hmm... when it comes to freestyles, it seems like Sway really gets the best verses on his show btw. I should put up a compilation of the dopest ones sometime. And last but least, here's an interesting Kickstarter: a keyboard with built-in privacy! Though it's not cheap.

On the blog I've posted some music and 6 movie reviews. Here's last week, and that's about all I have to tell you. Once again: apologies for the one day delay with the weekly. Even though I've had the whole weekend free (to waste on movies when I need to get shit done), I wasn't feeling all that well yesterday.

Had a streak of sun stroke this Wednesday too, on that particular day on which I was particularly much outside and drank particularly little water, and went shopping on in the afternoon (bought an electric fly swatter and a water gun - the clothes I was there for had sold out).

The sun's been up pretty much all week, and though I have not spent as much time with it as I'd like, due to work and what-not, I am enjoying the rare moments I get! At first the heat was nigh unbearable, but even though the sun is blazing just as fiercely now as it was last Monday, it's much cooler. It's a cool sun. Sunglasses and all. Shining through the glass is a call, a call to go outside! Out into the sun! Out into the warmth! Get out there and run! Stop just sitting indoors! Sizzling in lack of breeze, but I'ma just finish this Flash, then I'll be free to leave. I'll speak: to yall again, next week.

Week 21 - A Weak 21

Another week passed. Damn. RIP. I'm still nowhere near finished with the awards Flash - or any of many other projects. Thought I'd get some work done on that today, but midnight's closing in fast (it's the latter of the leet minute displays - 23:37). Work's still a thing, unfortunately, and it keeps me up all day. Up and away.

Well no, not unfortunately. Fortunately, work's still a thing. It's not bad work, but it does take time away from certain other things, like being able to sizzle in the sun for a few hours on a rare cloudless day such as this. Summer's coming quick. A funeral's coming up too. A lot of things are on route. Toot toot. Not all of them good things, but why brood on doom and gloom when you can listen to a soothing tune and groove in rooms. Look out through the window: and view the moon! And break a sweat. It's wet. I'm waiting for a day with a new monsoon.

We had one of those earlier this week actually, and right now I wouldn't mind another. I was at work, about to embark out on my lunch break (which I usually spend in a patch of nearby greenery), but when I walked through the door I was met by a waterfall. I mean it was intense. I work in an industrial area, and the whole parking lot was a puddle. The water ran down the slick asphalt in an even stream all the way across. The winding forest path was a raging river. The streets were flooded and the stairs were waterfalls.

I borrowed an umbrella and took a walk. It was pretty nice, wet but warm - a summer storm, the heavy rain pounding the ground with a seizeless rage. I didn't get to eat lunch outside after all, there was just no place the rain didn't reach, but sitting inside while the water patters against the window pane is not bad either. Good thing I had a change of clothes.

Otherwise there's not much to report. The weather's warming up again. Life goes on as usual. I'm looking forward to vacation time in a month; my parents are already up North enjoying the mosquitoes. Apparently there's beaver running rampant along the shore this year, chopping down our aspens. Year of the beaver. Be very wary. ;)

On the blog I managed to post another 6 reviews, and this, and here's last week. Moving on...

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